Manila elementary principal creamed

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Manila Principal Dale Case gets corn on the head as the students met the challenge of collecting over 1,000 canned goods to supply the food pantry.

"Corn on the Case" was what the students at Manila Pre-k through fourth grade chanted as Principal Dale Case prepared to be "creamed." Proving to be a man of his word, Mr. Case told the students if they collected 1,000 canned goods for the Manila Food Bank he would let them pour creamed corn over his head.

On Tuesday, just before Thanksgiving break, the student body, and teachers gathered to watch their principal get creamed with a bowl filled with cream corn poured by Susan Hollis.

Mr. Case told the students he was proud of them for their effort in giving.

The students exceeded their goal of 1,000 cans and collected 1,350 cans of food.

"This shows me you young people have big hearts and you are willing to help others," he said. "I am proud of you. This food will help families during the holidays."

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