Manila Council works through short agenda

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Manila City Council worked through a short agenda Monday, Oct. 17, discussing progress on the new city maintenance building, Christmas parade and lights, swimming pool results, and the purchase of trash cans.

Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner and the council hosted a fish fry in appreciation of the Manila firefighters following the meeting.

Wagner updated the council on the work at the maintenance building which will be located in the former Jim Berry building.

"It is almost complete," Mayor Wagner said. "It really looks good and is going to serve the city well."

Wagner said there will be a luncheon at the maintenance building for city employees.

The annual Christmas parade will be held Saturday, Dec. 3. Meetings will be held and plans will be finalized over the next few weeks. He also said it is time to get started on the Christmas lights.

Mayor Wagner expressed his appreciation to the council for the good job they did on the swimming pool/water park project.

"You all deserve a pat on the back," he said. "This will be good for the community and our youth. We need to get a site location finalized and be ready to get the bids out right after the Christmas holiday. If we can get the bid out early in January, we should be ready to start construction in April. Hopefully, the pool will be completed by Memorial Day 2013. The therapeutic pool may be ready before that."

A special meeting was set for Monday, Oct. 24.

Several of the council members said they had been contacted by citizens wanting to purchase large trash cans.

Mayor Wagner said he and Henry Ford, water superintendent, had talked to other towns about sharing a large order to keep the cost down around $56.

"That is a good savings," Mayor Wagner said.

The garbage truck is compatible with the trash cans which is helpful to the city workers.

The council approved Mayor Wagner purchasing 100 to 150 cans and allowing Manila residents to purchase the cans for one payment or placing $5 a month on their water bill for a year which would be $60.

"The purchase of the trash cans is strictly on a volunteer basis," Mayor Wagner said. "Anyone interested should call City Hall."

Following the meeting, the mayor and council hosted a fish fry at the Manila Fire House in appreciation of the Manila firefighters.

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