Manila junior senior play scheduled

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Manila junior and senior play, A Hillbilly Weddin', will be presented Thursday and Friday, Oct. 27-28.

Manila junior/senior play cast.

Performances will be held during the day on Thursday and Friday. An evening performance will be held at 5 p.m. Friday. Adult tickets are $3 and students $1.

"A Hillbilly Weddin' by Le Roma Greth is about Pa Belsnickle, a man with six problems in the form of six unmarried daughters.

Juney Lou, his third daughter, wants to marry Homer Upschlager, but Ma Belsnickle has decided Juney Lou can't get married until Ceelie, a ripe old 19, and Bonnie Mae, the bookworm, are married and living happily ever after. She elects Pa to find husbands for them. Pa takes his shotgun off the wall with a very simple method of procuring the necessary husbands.

He decides to "wing 'em", pick out the buckshot, and have the boys married to his girls before they know what happened. In the midst of Pa's husband hunting, Ronald Maxwell, a medical student, and his aunt arrive at the Belsnickle's mountain cabin. They are vacationing in the area and their car broke down.

Both Ceelie and Bonnie Mae are instantly attracted to the handsome stranger. Bonnie Mae keeps her adoration secret, however, Ceelie utterly refuses to marry anyone else. That presents a major problem since Ceelie is the dirtiest, homeliest hillbilly girl in the valley. Pa gets his trusted gun, but unfortunately misses Ronald. Two neighbors (male and unmarried) decide that the handsome stranger loose among the valley's most attractive girls is a threat to their manhood. They decide to fake a feud to scare him away. Ma forbids Pa to take another shot at Ronald so he, ignorant of the other plan, also decides to fake a feud and shoot a husband for Ceelie.

The feuding finally settles long enough for Ceelie and Bonnie Mae to find happiness and Ronald to escape with fond vacation memories.

Members of the cast are Pa Belsnickle-Nick Lesley; Ma Belsnickle-Malerie Ferguson; Ceelie Belsnickle-Ally Porter; Bonnie Mae Belsnickle-Scout Smith; Juney Lou Belsnickle-Kristen Wise; Four Belsnickle-Brittney Griffin; five Belsnickle-McKenzie Clark; Six Belsnickle-Spencer Smith; Obeey Upschlager-JT Shotwell; Chiz Upschlager-Darren Hitt; Ronald Maxwell-Alan Woessner; Lucy Maxwell-Mikayla Shedd; Reverend-Blake Carr; Cousin Zeke-Landon Woody; stage manager-Spencer Smith; stage crew-Spencer Stankiewicz.

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