Benefit raises over $125,000 for St. Jude

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Three-year-old Scout Lyerly enjoying the St. Jude fundraiser given in her benefit. Pictured with Scout is great-grandmother Silvia Pitts.

The St. Jude fundraiser held Saturday night, Oct. 1, in Monette successfully raised over $125,000 in the honor of little 3-year-old Scout Lyerly.

Scout, a St. Jude patient, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when she was only 20 months old, and she was given a 20 percent chance of survival. Scout's last MIBG test only showed a few very small spots in her skull, and the family has been told it may not even be cancer, but rather scar tissue.

"We were overwhelmed by the show of support at the barbecue and auction," Scout's mother, Leslie said. "There were over 700 people here to help raise money for St. Jude. Scout eventually wore out and fell asleep during the festivities but seemed to enjoy all the excitement."

Over 700 peop;le attend the St. Jude Benefit in honor of Scout Lyerly

"She did a painting for the auction that earned $20,000," she said. "Of course, the bid came from her two most devoted fans, her two grandfathers, Phillip Lyerly and Steve Cobb. That was quite a surprise to all of us. I plan to have their pictures taken with her this week holding her painting called 'Scout's Vision.' The painting is not much of anything but a lot of circles, but they are her circles, and that was enough for them to value it."

The Lyerly and Cobb families will continue to collect donations until the day of the St. Jude Memphis Marathon on Dec. 3, when they will hand deliver the funds in Scout's name to the hospital.

"We are so grateful for the people who made contributions and who came out in the fantastic show of support for Scout and what is being done at St. Jude to fight childhood cancer," Mrs. Lyerly said.

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