Manila School Board recognizes Steve Metheny

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Manila Superintendent Pam Castor and members of the Manila School Board recognized Steve Metheny at the close of the September meeting Thursday night. Metheny has served on the school board for 28 years starting at Missco in 1983.

Tracey Reinhart, president of the Manila School Board, presents Steve Metheny with an appreciation plaque for his 28 years serving on the school board.

Metheny chose not to seek re-election for another term. Thursday night was his last meeting before school board election. President Tracey Reinhart presented Metheny with an appreciation plaque for his years of dedicated service to the school district.

"You will be missed," Reinhart said. "I think records showed it is the longest tenure since 1965."

All board members offered their well wishes and appreciation to Metheny. Other board members present were Danny Robbins, Brandon Veach, Johnny McCain, Tony Crowell and Jeremy Jackson.

Following the approval of the minutes and review of the financial report, principal reports were given by Robin Baugher, high school principal, and Dale Case, elementary and middle school principal.

Baugher said the school was off to a good start. She presented each board member with class schedules, hand book, and other information.

She reported 61 seniors, 70 juniors, 72 sophomores and 89 freshmen enrolled for the school year.

"We hade 94 percent graduation rate and 94 percent attendance rate last year," she said.

She said the high school meets standards in the number of students and the courses offered.

"We have 67 participating in the ACT Prep Distance Learning class this year," she said. "We are holding steady on AP enrollment."

She said students are participating in extracurricular activities including 58 in junior and senior high football; 17 in golf; 33 in cross country; 22 in boys basketball ball; 21 in girls basketball; 22 in the marching band; eight in the color guard, and 28 in cheerleading.

"This does not count the spring sports," she said "Also most every student is involved in a club or/and choir."

She said they did not make AYP last year but it was very close.

"If you look at the sub population, the students were just two or three points away," she said.

She said the students and teachers have worked hard and they will continue to work hard.

"The CTE (Career Technical Education) had to take a test funded by Perkins," she said. "The scores had been low and Arkansas. Manila did really well on the CTE testing. We were off alert and Manila was asked to be a model. We were asked to speak at the state CTE meeting. These tests were hard. I am proud of the students."

She said she was optimistic. She talked about the technology, science labs and opportunities in the high school.

"Our high school kids have never had a better opportunity for their future," she said.

Principal Case addressed the board thanking them for their support and for hiring a good assistant principal.

He said the year is off to a good start.

"The numbers are pretty good," he said. "A new aid in kindergarten was hired to help with classrooms, and a new second grade teacher. The new literacy coach, Ginger Baltimore is doing a great job, also. The elementary did well in scores and our goal is to keep the scores up. We want to make sure all grades are flowing in the same direction."

He spoke on a reading room, new playground area in the center of the campus, parent/volunteer program for literacy, parent center and other ideas.

"We want our school to be one campus," he said. "We want t take our students from the beginning until graduation. We have started the pre advanced placement classes in fifth and sixth grade again. We have excellent teachers. It is amazing what the district has to offer."

President Reinhart asked about the traffic flow before and after school.

"It is getting better," he said.

They discussed the Common Core curriculum implemented in the kindergarten through second grade this year.

"Some of the teachers have told me they think it is the way to go," Crowell said.

In other business:

*The board approved the transfer of Allie Copeland from BIC to Manila.

*They accepted the resignation of Beverly Rountree, part-time cafeteria worker.

*They accepted the resignation of Brenda Brown, special education teacher.

*The Board had no objections to allowing the Lions Club to meet at noon once a week. Board member and Lion member Danny Robbins said the club does not want to be a burden and if the meeting at school creates any problems they will look at it again.

*Castor announced the regional school board will be held at 6 p.m. Oct. 24 at Rivercrest. She also asked board members to let them know if they plan to attend the annual school board meeting in December.

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