Adams Estate opens gardens for benefit

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Guests were welcomed to the Adams Estate gardens in Leachville on Sunday and Monday, Sept. 4-5 to benefit the NEA BabyBasics organization.

The Adams Estate Gardens consists of varied gardens, fountains, and statues from around the world.

Admission to the garden tour was a package of diapers.

"Even though the weather was rainy on Sunday and windy on Monday, we received tons of diaper donations," Brandi Hurst said. "We are so grateful to Tina and Myrna Adams for opening the gardens and being so supportive of our diaper program. Everyone in our community has shown a welcoming response to this cause and we are so fortunate to live here. We are, most of all, thankful that God has opened our hearts and lives to the needs of others in our local community. There are missions right here that can be done. We don't have to look far. We pray that we make a positive difference through BabyBasics. It's something small but the burden on these families is big. I also hope to teach my children the love for humanity I have and how one person can make a difference, but you have to be willing to give of yourself, and your time."

The Adams Estate was established in 1989 as the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Charles "Boe" Adams.

Boe's Lake was developed in 1998

The property features 90 acres of meticulously maintained gardens hosting over 500 varieties of plans and displaying over 300 statues and urns from around the world. In addition to the numerous gardens, a three-acre lake was developed in 1998. It features a dry island, four waterfalls and a flowing fountain.

Again, Hurst expressed her appreciation to the Adams family and to all who participated in the benefit.

BabyBasics of NEA is a non-profit, 100 percent volunteer organization that provides and distributes free diapers for children of the working low income families.

For more information on BabyBasics contact Ms. Hurst by email,, or call (870) 930-0040.

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