Manila BW reviews pool proposal

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Manila Business Woman got a first hand look at the designs of a swimming pool/water park/therapeutic pool plans underway in Manila at the meeting held Monday, Aug. 22.

Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner shows designs of the proposed swimming pool at the Manila Business Women's meeting.

BW President Janella Caraway welcomed everyone and on behalf of the club thanked Mayor Wayne Wagner and his staff for providing a special dinner at the depot center.

Mayor Wagner was the guest speaker showing sketches of the pool, answering questions, and asking for their support in the project.

"My first six months in office have gone well," Mayor Wagner said. "I have a great group to work with. The workers do a good job."

He presented the designs, commending the city council members for their work they have done. He said the proposed pool features something for all ages from the toddler's pool to the therapeutic pool. It will also be designed to accommodate Red Cross swimming lessons.

The pool is designed for future expansion including a full size indoor pool if there is a need.

"We can't afford an indoor pool on the first phase but if there is a need, it can happen later," he said.

Mayor Wagner went on to say for the project to happen it will take the passing of a one cent sales tax from citizens of Manila. This tax will be removed once the project is paid off. The initial time frame is a 20 year pay off but Wagner said it is expected to be paid off in nine to 12 years.

"Experts say our community can support this," he said. "We have $310,000 in a pool account from the one-eighth cent sales tax passed years ago. This tax will remain and can be used for maintenance for the pool in years to come.

"The pool is something to improve the quality of life for our community."

Wagner said after Labor Day they will start a campaign to inform the public about the pool project, get input, and hope to have a site for the pool.

The vote will be held Oct. 11, and if it passes construction can begin as soon as April 2012.

"People say we passed a 1/8 cent sales tax and still don't have a pool," Wagner said. "We have the $310,000 from that but if we have to wait to pay cash it will be a long time. If the one cent tax passes, now we can buy bonds and start the work immediately."

The second phase of the project will include walking trails and new baseball fields near the pool.

"There are grants available for walking trails and baseball fields but unfortunately there are no grants for pools," Mayor Wagner said. "I think we have a good chance to pass it and it will be something really nice for our town."

They discussed possible locations. Wagner said they would like to have at least 40 acres.

"We don't have to make the decision before the vote but we would like to have a location set," Wagner said.

One member comments she did not mind the taxes if the community gets something in return.

"We appreciate you ladies and what you do for the community," Mayor Wagner said. "I ask for your support in this project. It is something for you as well as your grandchildren."

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