Sign repaired and returned

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rickey Copeland, Steve Suber and Joe Hultquistt didn't waste any time in seeing to it the "Welcome to Buffalo Island" sign, on Highway 139, got put back in place after the storm from the north blew it down last month.

Rickey Copeland, Steve Suber and Joe Hultquist

"We came by one day and saw the sign was lying in the field near the state line," Suber said. "Barbara and I took it home and tried to patch up the bullet holes in it, and get it ready for putting it back in place. We have always been quite proud of that sign, and wanted to get it back where it belonged.."

Copeland, Suber and Hultquist anchored the sign on three posts, setting them in concrete, so the sign can withstand strong winds in the future. Volunteers like this are very valuable to the Buffalo Island area.

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