BIC Board meets in Jonesboro

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Buffalo Island Central School Board met in Jonesboro Tuesday, Aug. 9, with Scott Beardsley with Beardsley First Security Public Finance providing professional development in-service for board members.

The board voted unanimously to appoint Tracy Routon as district treasurer for Buffalo Island Central Schools.

Darin McFall made a motion to hire Nancy Spencer as bus route drive and other duties as assigned. The motion was accepted unanimously.

The board reviewed three bids for a 71 passenger conventional bus. The bids included Central Bus Sales, $84,490; Diamond State, $81,350; and Thomas, $87,262.

The board moved to accept the low bid from Diamond State.

Board members decided to conduct the 2011 BIC School election by early and absentee voting only since there are no contested races or millage changes.

Several student transfers were approved. They are: Becca Breden, 5, from BIC to Nettleton; Katelyn Scolf, 5, from BIC to Riverside; Logan Liles, 13, from BIC to Riverside; Jacob Johnson, 13, from BIC to Riverside; Bryce Barker, 15, from Riverside to BIC.

McFall moved to delete from the inventory list the specified items that have been disposed of or are nonfunctional.

The board voted to renew student accident catastrophic coverage with the Dwight Jones Agency.

The Board moved to hire Lynn Smith as district test coordinator; assistant technology coordinator; ESL (ELL) coordinator, CPEP (ACT Bootcamp) coordinator and district E-Rate coordinator for the 2011-12 school year. All duties to be performed on an as needed/required basis.

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