Manila council discusses pool/water park project

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Manila City Council members met Monday evening, July 25, to discuss the proposed water park/pool project.

Mayor Wayne Wagner told the council decisions have to be made in a timely manner to start the process.

"We have to decide the amount of money it will take," Mayor Wagner said. "The amount will not change the payment, just the years. If we put $3 million on the ballot we will have up to $2.6 million to spend on the project. If we don't need it all, we don't have to spend it."

They discussed sights and getting input from the community. They were in agreement to make sure there is enough property to accommodate future additions such as ballparks, walking trail, tennis courts, basketball courts, playground area, horse arena and more.

"If you want more drawings, let me know," Wagner said. "We can always tweak it."

The pros and cons of adding an indoor pool and therapeutic pool were discussed.

"If we can't have the inside facilities now we need to make sure we allow space for them in the future if needed," Councilman Donnie Wagner said. "It is important to have a master plan for future growth."

Councilmen Jason Baltimore and Tony Hawkins commented they think Manila citizens are ready for a pool.

They asked Mayor Wagner to get firm figures on what a therapeutic pool will cost, as well as exact measurements for the building and pool areas.

"I talked to Friday Firm and they don't think they will have any problems selling the bonds," Mayor Wagner said.

"We need to ask the company for a $2.6 million drawing to see exactly what we can get for the money," Councilman Wagner said.

Council talked about the cost of a year round pool versus the cost of an outside seasonal pool.

"I think the activity at the pool will stop once school starts," Councilman Whiz Davis said.

Donnie Wagner said they would have to look at a membership use for the therapeutic pool if it is added.

Everything has to be done within a time frame.

City officials will need to adopt an election ordinance, file it with the county clerk and have a ballot election for a one cent sales tax to be used to build a water park/swimming pool facility with the election held on Oct. 11.

The council agreed to go forward with the plans. A special meeting was set for 5:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 1, and will be ready to finalize plans on Aug. 15 at the regular meeting.

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