Lake City Council appoints HA Commissioner

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Following the approval of the minutes and review of the financial report, members of the Lake City Council unanimously approved the appointment of Mary Ann Shaver as Commissioner of the Lake City Housing Authority at the July 25 meeting.

Mayor Jon Milligan called the meeting to order with Aldermen Harold Barker, Tommy Eakins, Ann Davis, Jeffery Wisham, Danny Dunigan and Brenda Hutcheson present. Also present was City Clerk, Linda Simpson.

Mayor Milligan asked the council to approve the appointment of Chris Jordan as a volunteer fireman to the Lake City Volunteer Fire Department. A motion was made by Alderman Eakins and seconded by Alderman Wisham in favor of the Mayor's recommendation. The council voted unanimously to approve the appointment.

Mayor Milligan presented Ordinance No. 253-11, and amendment to the vicious dog ordinance, for discussion. The council was asked to set the amount of the fine. After some discussion, it was agreed by all the amount would not exceed $500. A motion was made by alderman Hutcheson and seconded by Alderman Davis to set the fine amount not to exceed $500. The motion passed 6-0.

A motion was made by Alderman Dunigan and seconded by Barker to read the first reading of Ordinance No. 253-11, an ordinance amending Ordinance No. 135 Providing for the Keeping of Certain Animals and the Prohibition of Keeping Pit Bull Dogs; Providing for an Appeal Process and Providing for a Penalty for any violation, by title only. Motion was accepted and approved by all members present. The first reading was accepted unanimously.

Fire Chief Chris Snyder gave the council a report on the Fire Department. Chief Snyder informed the council the Department will be getting a grant from the Forestry Department for $1,000 and will be receiving $15,000 from Forestry Service Wildland for fire gear. He also said the Air Pack cascade is not operational. This piece of equipment is about 20 years old and may not be repairable. Tanks are presently being filled at surrounding fire departments. He is in the process of applying for a grant to get a new one. He also shared an updated job description of the fire chief, goals, and ideas he has for both departments.

New services available at City Hall were announced. Customers may now pay water bills by bank draft, and same day processing. Checks are processed the same day payments are made.

Lake City also has a web-site

The next council meeting will be 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 25.

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