Manila fills assistant principal positions

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On the recommendation of Superintendent Pam Castor, Manila School Board voted to hired Jeff Priest (girls' basketball coach), as assistant high school principal, and LeeAnn Helms (high school teacher), as assistant principal in K-8, at the regular June school board meeting on Thursday.

Manila School Board members look over model policies.

School board members present were President Tracey Reinhart, Brandon Veach, Johnny McCain and Jeremy Jackson.

Following an executive session, the board accepted resignations from Kaley Brewer, high school math teacher; Brett Shrable, teacher and assistant coach; and Paula Poag, Middle School English teacher.

Reinhart read a letter from Mrs. Poag expressing her appreciation for the years she taught at Manila. Reinhart said she will be sincerely missed.

The board voted to hire Jennifer Harper as math teacher.

Following the approval of the minutes and review of the financials, the board accepted the lower of the two bids submitted for bread. The bid accepted was from Hostess. The board voted to accept the firm price for milk from Turner Dairy.

The board reviewed the model policies which included mandated changes in board training requirements, guidelines dealing with foster children, transfers, school choice changes, and mandated school attendance laws.

Board member Reinhart asked if the school is in contact with students and parents before students hit the 10th day mark.

Castor said the parents are notified when the students hit five days absence a semester.

Other policies included laws changing school dress, notification of parents when DHS or state police are investigating child abuse, search and seizure interpretation, outlines procedure of bullying, cell phones, placement of multiple birth siblings, increase in coaches training, personnel training in the anti bullying laws, and changes in the website.

The board voted to accept the handbook with the mandated changes incorporated.

In other business:

*The board accepted the migrant program application for the 2011-12 school year. Castor informed the board it is the same as it has been in past years.

*Castor said the Federal legislation is requiring school lunch prices to go up if they are not at $2.46. Castor recommended raising the lunch price by 10 cents. Castor said if a student eats every day at the cafeteria, it will increase the cost per student per school year $20. The board voted unanimously for the increase.

*Reviewed student insurance policy bids from Dwight Jones and Naught Naught Agency. Based on comparison, Castor recommended continuing with Dwight Jones. The board agreed.

*The board approved the transfer of funds for the balance of the building project match.

*The board accepted the proposed budget for 2011-12 and the classified salary schedules and stipend list as presented.

*The board gave Castor the authority to dispose of surplus property either by auction or sale once the items are assembled. Castor said items included miscellaneous desks, chairs, bookcases, the old white truck, a few filing cabinets, old playground equipment etc. She said they will try to get the fair market value.

*The board approved student transfers including James Braden Sharp from BIC to Manila, and Christian and Alexander Estelle from Manila to BIC.

*The board took no action on an early graduation request. Castor said it is not a hardship case and Board President Tracey Reinhart said he would like for the board to talk to her before a decision is made.

*Castor said according to the preliminary report, the elementary school will come out of school improvement.

"That is a good thing," she said

President Reinhart commended the teachers and administration for the accomplishment.

*Castor said there might be a need for a special meeting before the regular July meeting.

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