Wilma visits children at Kohn Library

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A young five-year-old, named Wilma, visited the children at Kohn Memorial Library in Monette on Monday, June 6, and managed to captivate the large audience of children who came out to greet her.

Wilma the cow visits children at Kohn Library. (Town Crier photo/Nan Snider)

Wilma is a Brown Swiss milk cow from Sulfur Springs, Texas, via Damascus and she arrived in her own customized Mobile Dairy Classroom.

Library visitors and Buffalo Island Central West Elementary summer students were seated inside the Monette library, as librarian Lisa Whithead first introduced them to Instructor Angela Moore with Southwest Dairy Farmers. Moore taught the children about the dairy industry and the importance of milk in their daily diets.

Next the children walked to the parking lot to get to know Wilma up close and personal. Moore demonstrated how to milk a cow by hand and by use of modern machinery. She told the students about how milk goes from the farm to the consumer and answered their questions along the way.

"Wilma weighs 1,400 pounds and can produce 80 pounds of milk a day," Moore said. "She eats six or seven hours a day and can consume 70 to 80 pounds of food a day. She is very healthy and very friendly. She loves children and has become quite a traveler."

This innovative program brought the dairy experience directly to children by use of an outdoor classroom format.

Following a short picture session with Wilma, the children returned to the library, where Mrs. Whithead read them a book titled "The Cow that Loves Cookies" by Karen Wilson.

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