Manila Board approved teacher transfers

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Manila School board approved the transfer of elementary and high school choir directors at the Thursday, May 19, meeting.

Following an executive session, the board voted unanimously to allow the exchange of the elementary and high school choir directors. High school choir director Rodney Cooper will transfer to the elementary choir for the 2011-12 school year. Elementary choir director Misty Humway will take the high school choir.

The board also unanimously approved the hiring of Danny Helms for an additional alternative position for the 2011-12 school year.

Board members present were President Tracey Reinhart, Vice President Danny Robbins, Secretary Brandon Veach, Steven Matheny, Johnny McCain, Tony Crowell, and Jeremy Jackson.

Following the approval of minutes and the review of the financial report, Superintendent Pam Castor distributed a model policy packet for the board to review and vote on at next month's meeting.

She explained wording for the law regulating the teacher salary fund change. She said the personnel policy committee is reviewing it. Other policies include employee training and bullying changes.

She also presented changes in state statues policy changes to date.

Castor said the Ethics Commission has issued guidelines on social networking.

Castor said the personnel policy committee is looking at the guidelines and will be making recommendations.

All of the suggestions from the administration, PPC, and board members will be taken under consideration.

Following the discussion on the proposed policies Castor said the district will need to have the policy in place when school begins.

Castor recommended upgrading the fire alarm system throughout the school using stabilization funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARR). The cost will be $25,198.54.

"This would be a worthwhile project for us," Castor said.

The board voted unanimously to upgrade the fire alarm system.

An early graduation request was tabled until the high school principal could be present to make the recommendation.

Board members commended the teachers, staff and students. Manila has 81 seniors graduating with 22 honor students.

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