Liberty bank makes a commitment to the Butterfly House

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Laura Imler-Oldham and Danna Deaton expressed their appreciation to Dick Pace, community bank president at Liberty Bank in Monette, for the generous donation to the Butterfly House. The bank also made an annual three year commitment to the project.

Danna Deaton and Laura-Imler Oldham accept a donation from Liberty Bank President Dick Pace, community bank president. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Oldham and Deaton are in the process of starting a recovery home for women called the Butterfly House.

"I hope Buffalo Island and the surrounding community can get as enthused as Danna and Laura with the concept of the Butterfly House," Pace said. "We have no facility like this on Buffalo Island and this is a much needed project with increased prescription and illegal drug abuse. The Butterfly House will allow all women to go through a series of treatments to help them with drug abuse, learn how to work to gain self respect, and be taught spiritually. This will allow them to grow socially, economically and spiritually. This will not only allow them to beat the drug habit but also grow into a more productive citizen and gain the self respect needed to face the reality of daily life again.

"I applaud the efforts of these young women and look forward to serving on the steering committee of the Butterfly House. Liberty Bank has made a three-year commitment to this endeavor and we encourage all other business and community leaders to get on board with this project. This will only make our community better by allowing treatment for these women."

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