Parking ordinance again tabled

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Monette City Council addressed concerns over the proposed parking ordinance at the regular city council meeting held Monday, Feb. 21.

Mayor Chub Qualls passed out rewritten copies of Parking Ordinance 2011-6, which has been discussed for the third time.

Several points of interest were debated, which included, no parking on streets after 11 p.m.

"Are we are passing an ordinance for one issue?" Councilman Tom Carroll said.

"I don't think the time is the issue," Councilman Bob Blankenship said. "The police department needed us to put some teeth in it. The time issue should be deleted."

"The police officers will use their discretion on this," Alderman Dick Pace said. "We need to say it is OK if it is designated parking and too close to the street. If it is a hazard then give a ticket. We are talking about two different things, overnight parking and hazardous parking. It needs to be stated that it is not to be used as garage, under the discretion of police."

"Six to 10 people have talked to me about it, and 100 percent are against it," Alderman Perry Wood said. "We don't want to pass a bad law just to get rid of it. I am against passing an ordinance prohibiting parking."

"We either need to put some teeth in it or drop it," Alderman Billy Watson said. "Let the police declare it a hazard and enforce it. If it is hazardous then they should be asked to move the vehicle. If they don't, then ticket it. Do the police have the authority by state law?"

"No they do not have the authority," Qualls said. "I don't feel comfortable telling the officers to do it at this time."

"There are no state laws on illegal parking," Officer Brandon Womack said.

The ordinance was again tabled with a request City Attorney Johnny Dunigan be present at the next meeting to assist with wording.

The council discussed need for more help with city lawn care.

Mayor Qualls announced that Buffalo Island Rural Water Association cut off their water usage on Friday, Feb. 19.

Council discussed rust in the water tank and need for cleaning and painting. The need to purchase new water meters was also discussed.

Work is nearing completion on the new ballpark concession stand, with work on wiring and lighting.

Mayor Qualls opened discussion on city sales tax.

"Why do we need it?" Watson said. "If we do it, we need a purpose."

Advertised bids will be received on police car and will be opened at noon March 1.

Mayor Qualls said the 2010 census count had a projected income sheet of $93,053.75. Budget concerns were discussed, involving repairs and salaries.

"We are getting the money from people in the annexed area," Wood said. "They want sewer out in those areas.

The council designated the revenue for sewer improvements in the annexed areas.

"No one wants our 1971 International fire truck," Fire Chief Bob Blankenship said. "The community of Vandale has no fire truck, with no money to buy one. I would like to see us give it to them."

The city agreed to sell the 1971 truck to Vandale for $5.00.

The 2005 ambulance purchased by city and FEMA grant has been kept for five years and has 185,000 miles on it. Emerson Ambulance Service wants to purchase it. The city holds the title. Bob Blankenship was designated to negotiate the price of the ambulance for sale.

The city donated $750 to help sponsor the BIC State Basketball Tournament Hospitality Room for Tuesday, March 1, to help provide a meal for over 250 people.

A $2,500 donation has been made to the city and will be deposited into the Fire Department Fund.

"If we need to, we may buy a new siren," Blankenship said.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be 7 p.m. Monday, March 21, at city hall.

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