Lake City Council

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All council members were present for the Lake City Council meeting on Monday, Feb. 21. Council members are Harold Barker, Tommy Eakins, Ann Davis, Jeffery Wisham, Danny Dunigan and Brenda Hutcheson. Also present was City Clerk Linda Simpson.

Mayor Jon Milligan presented the semi-annual financial statement and monthly finance report following the approval of the minutes.

The board unanimously approved to give the D.A.R.E. Program $250 for services rendered to the City of Lake City and its residents.

The council accepted a motion by Alderman Eakins to repeal an approved motion from the October 18 meeting to add a three-way stop at the corner of Fourth Street and Rebel Drive.

The council then voted unanimously to add a one-way stop at the corner of Fourth Street and Rebel Drive with the stop sign being on the gravel road (CR 801), stopping traffic going in a northerly direction.

Mayor Milligan requested the council approve the appointment of Terry Chisnall as building inspector for the city. All council member voted their approval to appoint Chisnall to the position.

Planning and Zoning Committee members are, Chairman-Harold Barker, Rick Forman, Devin Griffin, Robert Lowery, and Donald Davis. Non-voting members would be Terry Chisnall and Mayor Jon Milligan.

Following a discussion on property at 506 Grove Street, Alderman Dunigan and Alderman Wisham, following compliance of Ordinance No. 92-141 Sec. 4, which states that property located at 506 Grove Street shall be demolished, razed, burned, torn down, or otherwise destroyed by the City of Lake City, after 30 days if individual does not correct deficiencies in property (by bringing up to code qualifications). Motion was accepted and approved by all members present.

Mayor Milligan presented Anthony Davis and Greg Douglas to the council for enrollment as members of the Lake City Volunteer Fire Department. The two were accepted unanimously by the council.

Fire chief Chris Snyder addressed the Council about hiring a secretary for the Fire Department. He said the individual would hopefully join the fire department and become a first responder. It was agreed by all council members that if this individual became a member of the fire department, he/she would receive pay for meetings and secretarial pay. Duties would include taking minutes at meetings and maintaining all records and getting the current records up to date.

The council agreed to allow Fire Chief Snyder to find someone to also do secretarial duties at an additional $300 per year and also join the fire department.

The council approved the rules and regulations as presented at last month's council meeting for the new Lake City Cemetery. With the price per grave plot set at $200 each, and opening and closing of graves set at $150 each.

The next month's council meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. March 14, at Lake City Hall.

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