Caraway City Council awards roof bid

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eubanks and Eubanks Construction was awarded the Caraway City Hall roof replacement bid at the city council meeting held Thursday.

The Council discussed overlaying the existing roof on the City Hall Complex with tarpaper and shingles, as proposed by Eubanks or by using 1x4 slats and shingles, as proposed by Barrett Construction. After a lengthy discussion the council agreed to accept the bid of $20,719 from Eubanks.

"The roof leaks now and we have to do something," Mayor Barry Riley said. "If we want to paint the building we need to do it before we put the roof on."

"I prefer we leave the brick as it is," Alderman Mark Bell said. "It only has cosmetic problems and has looked like this forever. People expect to see it like this."

The council voted unanimously not to paint the building.

The aldermen voted to sponsor the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program with support of $250. The DARE program is led by Craighead County Sheriff's Department deputies who teach young Riverside students through classroom curriculum lessons dealing with resistance to drugs, violence and peer pressure and how to live a positive productive life.

Mayor Riley related plans to shut down the ballpark on Chicago Street and sell off lots. Lights will be moved to the rodeo arena.

"If we should ever need another ballpark we could build one across from Basler Electric," Riley said. "The chain link fence material will be stored. Playground equipment will stay where it is. The city will maintain the lots until they are sold. The concession stand will be torn down and bleachers removed. The backstop can be used again. This was a decision by the Park Commission for better use of property. Right now there looks like six lots can be developed out of the ballpark. We have to look into the future with this. We already have sewer service there."

Riley reported that a clerical error had been made in the 2010 city budget and was not caught in time to revise before the January deadline. "The auditors will notice this and we will be up-front with our error," Riley said.

"They can clearly see we are not trying to hide anything," Riley said. "Things like this just happen. We just left out a zero in a column of numbers, and it showed up as a $28,679 clerical error."

The council discussed purchasing equipment to read city meters by radio controlled devices. Grants will be sought through Emission Controls. Estimated cost to replace all but 52 meters is estimated at $125,000.

A water park splash pad is also being reviewed for construction.

The council discussed condemning of city properties and cleaning up health hazards.

A 1999 model Ditch Witch has been purchased for city use.

Upcoming expenditures of $26,000 will involve payment for painting inside of water tank in the spring or fall, with $23,000 funded by a grant and $3,000 from a special account.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 10, at city hall.

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