Lake City mayor holds first meeting

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Newly elected Lake City Mayor Jon Milligan presided at the first meeting of the year held Monday, Jan. 17. Regularly scheduled meetings are held the third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Council members present were Brenda Hutcheson, Harold Baker, Tommy Eakins, Ann Davis, Jeffery Wisham, and Danny Dunigan, and City Clerk Linda Simpson.

Following the approval of the minutes and the presentation of the monthly finance report by Mayor Milligan, Simpson read the first reading of Ordinance 249-11, adopting the 2011 budget. Following the approval by council members, it was read the second and third time by title and it was approved unanimously.

Mayor Milligan presented a state bid for a 2011 F150 Ford truck at a total price of $15,796.

The truck will be purchased with grant money approved in 2010 made available through Legacy Landfill. The grant is in the amount of $19,900.

Mayor Milligan said any left over funds can be used to purchase a trailer to be used in the Blue Bag program.

The Council voted 6-0 on the purchase of the truck to be used for the city's recycle program.

Mayor Milligan presented a second state bid for a 2011 Dodge Charger police car at a total price of $23,235.

Following a discussion, Alderman Dunigan made a motion, seconded by Alderman Wisham, to purchase the police vehicle at the state bid price. Motion was carried 6-0.

Mayor Milligan then presented a bid from Paragould Communications, Inc. for lights, siren, speaker, console, miscellaneous and installation to be added to the police car.

Council members voted 6-0 to accept the bid.

Mayor Milligan reviewed the Emergency Operations Plan giving council members the opportunity to ask questions or make comments.

Alderman Hutcheson suggested as new people move into the city and connect to water the service, it would be a good time to inquire about any medical/special needs for any individuals living in the home. Aldermen could be responsible for those in their Ward with each Alderman keeping an updated list. A complete list could be kept on file a city hall.

The council approved the Emergency Operations Plan unanimously.

Mayor Milligan distributed a draft on cemetery rules and regulations. He asked each council member to review it and bring it back next month with suggestions.

Mayor Milligan reappointed Winred Saffell as police chief with the council accepting and approving the appointment unanimously.

The council also approved unanimously the appointments of Chris Snyder as fire chief; Arlon Woodruff as city attorney; and Terry Chisnall as code enforcer.

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