No place like home

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lucille "Boots" Poe of Black Oak will be the first to tell anyone and everyone there is no place like home. She is so excited to be back in her country home in Black Oak she can hardly hold back the tears when she talks about it.

Lucille "Boots" Poe was happy to welcome over 60 family members for Thanksgiving. Pictured with Mrs. Poe are her son, Mark, and granddaughter, Eden.

She and her husband, the late Elvis Poe Sr., married in 1945 and made their home in Black Oak. They built a new house in 1964 and moved just around the corner with their family.

They raised their five children there and always enjoyed the country life. Their home always had room for family and friends to gather.

Her children include Janice who lives in Alabama, Elvis, Jr. of Black Oak, James of Lake City, and Regina Hatch of Manila, and Mark of Black Oak. She has 11 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

Mr. Poe became ill and passed away four years ago. Mrs. Poe was not able to care for the country home and lot on her own and they sold the house and she moved to an apartment in Lake City.

"I had good neighbors and the apartment was nice, but it wasn't home," Mrs. Poe said.

When Mrs. Poe found out through her son, Elvis, that their house was for sale and they talked about the possibility of buying it back, she said she was afraid to even get her hopes up.

"I couldn't do this by myself," she said. "My son Elvis, and my youngest son, Mark and his wife Christina, decided we would do it together and being back home has been such a blessing to me I cannot describe it."

Mark and Christina have three children.

They moved into their home just in time for Thanksgiving and had 64 family members home for the holidays.

"It was wonderful," Mrs. Poe said. "I still just walk from room to room and look out the windows and I am so thankful to be back home. I think the family was as happy as I was on Thanksgiving to gather here. I love having the house full of family again. Like I said before, I couldn't be here without my family. There is about an acre here and it is a perfect place for the children to play."

Mrs. Poe said there are times when she has to make sure she is awake and not just having a wonderful dream of being back in her home.

Thanksgiving is over and she is looking forward to Christmas in her home.

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