Run-off election results told

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Unofficial numbers for area run-off elections are:

Lake City:

Jon Milligan defeated Gail E. Garner 197-101 (66 to 34 percent) for the position of Lake City Mayor. Milligan will be replacing Mayor Billy Anderson in January. Mayor Anderson served for the last four years and decided not to seek a second term. Milligan has served two terms on the city council.


Dale Murphy and Jason Baltimore were elected as council members and will assume duties in January.

Murphy defeated Dwight Booth for Ward 3, Position 1 with a vote of 207 to 149 (58 to 42 percent).

Baltimore defeated incumbent Geraldine "Squirrel" Cherry 230 to 127 (64 to 36 percent) in Ward 2, Position 2.


Ethel Lee Hetler defeated Michael D. Burrier 88 to 53 (62 to 38 percent) in the Ward 1, Position 2 run-off election for city council.

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