Veterans honored in Caraway

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Area veterans were honored in Caraway on Friday afternoon with a special Veterans Day program at the gymnasium at Riverside Junior High School.

Kent McDaniel served as the guest speaker at the Riverside Junior High Veterans' program.

Veterans, students and staff were welcomed by Junior High Principal Matt Scarbrough. Mr. Scarbrough is a veteran who served in the Navy.

A moment of silence was held in memory of Nick Bacon, Medal of Honor recipient. Bacon, a native of Caraway, was guest speaker at the Caraway Veterans Ceremony two years ago. He passed away July 17, 2010.

Ninth grade student Anna Brickell read a poem, "Thank You," in honor of veterans and teacher Judy Perrin read a patriotic reading reminding everyone what the American Flag stands for and the sacrifices the military men and women have made.

Riverside Junior High Students serve guests following the Veterans' Day program.

The Riverside choir and band preformed several patriotic songs in honor of the veterans.

Kent McDaniel, former teacher at Riverside, was the guest speaker for the program.

McDaniel served in the military from 1970-1972.

He spoke to the young people of his growing up with the threat of the Cold War, the bomb drills and then Vietnam broke out.

He talked about the unpatriotic times of his teenage years and how Vietnam Veterans were not respected as they should have been.

McDaniel spoke of a hero of World War II he knew personally, a man who served with his father. McDaniel went on to say this man was in combat only seven days when he lost his legs. A tank was attacked and four young soldiers were killed and he lost his legs.

"He lived to be in his 80's," McDaniel said. "He told me he never considered himself unlucky. Any four of those others would have traded places with him. He told me he doesn't have to look back and think he did not do his part. Even though I did not do anything great, I am glad I did my part. When I got drafted I did not take off to Canada. A lot of people did in those days."

Danny Dunigan read a list of names of area veterans who have served. He offered his appreciation to those who served and those who are serving.

Band director Stephen Alsup played Taps to end the program.

A reception was held in the lobby of the gymnasium with refreshments served.

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