Young people on a mission

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Four students at Buffalo Island Central West Elementary are on a mission -- an ecybermission. They are working toward getting a stop-light installed at a dangerous intersection.

These students on working on an ecybermission. They are Adrian Lopez and Dax Hurst (seated); and MaKensie Walker and Maddigan Carroll standing. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Dax Hurst, Maddigan Carroll, MaKensie Walker and Adrian Lopez, sixth grade students, are dedicated to the project of getting a stop-light installed at the intersection of 139 South and Highway 18.

"It is a dangerous intersection near a daycare/learning center and our goal is to make it safer," Maddigan said.

They have gotten involved and hope to get the community involved in the effort.

Ecybermission is an Army sponsored project open to students in grades sixth through ninth in public schools, private schools, home schools, and Army base schools. There will be a first and second place state winner and a first and second place region winner.

"We are excited about the competition and hope to win, but our real goal is to try to get a stop light installed for safety," Dax said.

They named their project "The Team CrossLight." They heard about the project through their teacher, Ms. Reba Wimberley. The competition ends in February but the students said they plan on continuing in their project and leave nothing unturned in an effort to get it done.

They have interviewed Monette Mayor Chub Qualls, owner of the daycare center, Kendra Roddy, Monette Chief of Police Brian Carmichael. They have made calls and hope to meet with Walter McMillon, Department of Transportation, and hope to meet with newly elected representative Homer Lenderman and even Governor Mike Beebe if they can get an appointment.

They are working on a petition but they want to make sure it is legal.

They are preparing a power point presentation, keeping a mission folder and have plans to have an open house and invite the public.

"We want to show the community what we are trying to do and get their support," Maddigan said.

Also, they have an e-mail address and would like people to post their comments. The address is

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