Robertson earns first showmanship buckle

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Forrest Robertson, a junior at Buffalo Island Central, earned his first showmanship buckle on Oct. 23.

Forrest Robertson (center) was named North Arkansas Youth Livestock Association Showman of the Year.

Robertson was named the North Arkansas Youth Livestock Association Showman of the Year for 2010.

The North Arkansas Youth Livestock Association is based out of Melbourne. This organization sponsors several shows each year at Salem, Pocahontas, Melbourne, just to name a few.

At each livestock show, youth can enter into a category called showmanship. In showmanship, the animal being showed isn't what is judged, it is how the showman handles his animal.

The representatives from the North Arkansas Youth Livestock Association attend shows and see who is winning showmanship awards and also how their animals are being taken care of. A selected board then votes and a winner is chosen for three different divisions. The divisions are peewee, junior and senior.

Robertson was named the winner for the senior division. Robertson, his mom and dad and BIC Agri teach Bruce Fires attend a banquet in Melbourne on the night of Oct. 23. There were around 75 people in attendance.

"I didn't even know I was getting anything when we went down there," Robertson said. "It is really cool to get a buckle." Robertson is only in his second year of showing livestock. All together in the past two years, he has won over 10 showmanship ribbons and probably close to forty ribbons for his animals.

"We are really proud of him," said Marti Robertson, Forrest's mother. "He really enjoys it and it really cares for his animals." She also stated that she hopes by him getting this award and recognition that the livestock program at BIC will continue to grow and become very successful at BIC.

Robertson is looking forward to starting the next show season. He has got a new lamb, two new goats and a cow to work with.

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