Dylan Galloway Day held in Manila

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wednesday, Oct. 20, was Dylan Galloway Day at Manila High School. The radio crew from 103.9 "The Game" and Tim O. Brown of Brown's Graduation, along with many others were on hand to honor Dylan for being named Player of the Week.

Dylan Galloway receives plaque for Player of the Week.

Dylan made a touchdown against Rivercrest in a home game Oct. 8. His touchdown was literally seen by thousands as it was viewed on line and he was named Player of the Week.

Dylan, a senior at Manila High School, has cerebral palsy and serves as the water boy for the Manila Lions. He can be found with the team at every home game wearing his Number 55 jersey he loves and distributing water to the players in his motorized wheel chair.

Dylan was always talking to Coach Toby Doke about wanting to make a touchdown. Coach Doke had called Rivercrest Coach Kelly Candler about letting Dylan in the game if it was possible. Rivercrest was way ahead with five minutes on the clock and Coach Doke put the helmet on Dylan and sent him in to make a touchdown. The players lined Dylan up, handed him the ball and he went around to the left side to the end zone. Coaches and fans on both sides, as well as players from both teams were on their feet cheering Dylan on as he did what he never thought he would be able to do -- score for his team -- the Lions.

Kait8.com nominated him for the Central Dealerships Key Plays to Victory with the video for everyone to watch and vote. Dylan did get the player of the week and was surprised to be the center of attention at the school assembly.

Mikey Ryan with 103.9 introduced Dylan who received a Player of the Week plaque from Tim O. Brown of Browns Graduation.

Being named Player of the Week was just the beginning of the honors Dylan was about to receive.

Ryan introduced Tony Haney who had another surprise for Dylan.

Haney said he was driving between West Memphis and Jonesboro when he heard Dylan's story on the radio. He said he pulled off the highway, got his cell phone out so he could watch the play. He was so touched he decided he wanted to do something for this young man.

Haney said he had some contacts and he began to make phone calls. Haney presented Coach Doke, Coach Chandler, and Dylan with autographed BuckMaster prints. Haney will be taking Dylan on a hunting trip where he will be using a special gun. He presented him with the hunting gear he would need for the trip.

"Mr. Haney has set it up and Dylan will get to kill a world class buck," Coach Doke said. "I feel honored to be able to be there and watch."

Also on hand for Dylan's Day were Rob Butler, Rod Freeman and Andi Bandy with 103.9.

When they found out Dylan was a Dallas Cowboy fan, it was easy to find a gift he was sure to enjoy. Dylan was presented four field passes to the Dallas Cowboy -- Washington Redskin game in December.

They wanted to do something really special for Dylan to make his life easier. When they discovered his family needed a way to be able to take his motorized wheelchair they decided to start the ball rolling.

A trust fund was set up at Southern Bancorp in Manila for a van. Jeremy Gamble of Gamble's Home Furnishings in Manila invited the radio crew to broadcast from his store throughout the day on Wednesday.

"We are glad to be able to help," Wanda Gamble said. "It is a blessing. Someone planted a little seed and look where it has gone."

A doctor in Memphis said he would match what was raised and another doctor in Little Rock gave $1,000.

Dylan has had a senior year he will never forget. His family expressed their appreciation to everyone.

Dylan is the son of Keith and Elizabeth Perkins.

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