Manila Council accepts bid for maintenance facility

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Following the approval of the minutes and budget comparison, members of the Manila City Council accepted the low bid for a new maintenance facility at the regular council meeting on Monday, Oct. 18.

Mayor Clifford Veach informed the council the bid opening for the maintenance building was held with the bids coming in higher than he had expected.

Veach had budgeted $330,000 for the project which included a grant in the amount of $115,000.

Bids ranged from the low bid from KMC of $554,502 to $972,000. Veach said he had reviewed the project and even with several cost cuts it would still take an additional $35,000 from the General Fund or another source to complete the project.

"I've brought it to you," Mayor Veach said. "We will have to make a decision. We have the money to do it and we need the facility but I don't have a vote."

Councilman Donnie Wagner said he felt the city could get a shop building cheaper.

Councilman LeRoy Douglas said he did not like spending the extra money but with eight bids it was competitive.

"I'd like to do it but it is higher than we thought it would be," Douglas said. "I will go with the rest of the council. We do have the money to do it. We just have to decide if it is in the best interest of the city. I think we should probably go ahead with the project."

Councilwoman Joni Isebell said it is a lot of money but they need the shop and she made the motion to accept the low bid. Councilman Linda Donovan seconded it. The motion passed 5-01 with Councilman Wagner casting the no vote.

Mayor Veach informed the council the bids for generators for the water pumps will be opened on Oct. 26.

"I've had five requests for specs so there is an interest," Veach said.

"The board voted unanimously to start the process to waive the bid process for a new fire truck and order the truck. The cost of the new truck is $299,000 ($50,000 will be paid through a grant).

City Attorney Wayne Wagner said he would have a resolution at the next meeting to allow the words "In God We Trust" displayed.

The council passed a resolution keeping the personal and real taxes the same as last year at 5.0 mills.

The board voted to hire Cheri Gibson as part-time police officer. Manila Chief of Police Jackie Hill said she is certified and works for Emerson Ambulance. She will work on her days off when she is needed.

*In other business:

*The council had no objection to the city purchasing advertising for a Design An Ad project."

*Mayor Veach announced the second annual Manila Homecoming Music Show to be held Nov. 20 at the Community Center. It will feature Jerry Jaye, Kenny Seratt, Darlene Battles, and Sheila Dobbs.

*The Manila Christmas Parade has been set for Saturday, Dec. 4.

*Visitor Earl Jackson expressed his appreciation to the council for the recent sewer project connecting his and several other homes along Costner Road to the city sewer system. The work was partially funded through a grant.

*Manila City Council meets at 6:30 p.m. the third Monday of each month.

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