Buffalo Island Angel Fund organized

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Volunteers can be found when and where there is a need, and a group of caring citizens are organizing to create the Buffalo Island Angel Fund to help ill children and their families during difficult times.

The special ordered grill for the Buffalo Island Angel Fund has arrived and will be put to use for its first fund-raising event Oct. 22-23. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Kenny Weathers, one of the organizers, said one of the major fundraisers for various causes has been selling Boston butts.

"When we hear of a need, we have grilled and sold Boston butts," Weathers said. "A group of us got together and started talking about how thankful we should be when we have healthy children. We decided to organize and start a Buffalo Island Angel Fund to help families with expenses when their children have been diagnosed with serious illnesses or suffer major injuries.

"Why should we wait until something happens. By organizing we can get a head start and have the funds available when there is a need. We were discussing what it would take to get started and one gentleman asked about the cost of a special order grill. Before the conversation was over he told us to order the grill and he would pay for it."

A special six foot heavy duty grill was ordered from R&D Trailers in Manila. It will hold at least 50 Boston butts.

"Randy Hutton designed and built the grill and gave us a good price since it is going to be used to help others," Weathers said.

Weathers made some calls and raised $2,300 in one morning to get the BI Angel Fund started.

"Our first sponsors include Greenway Equipment; Black Oak Gin; Southland Gin; Wagner Law Firm; Wagner Medical Clinic; Anderson Farms; Adams Land Co.; Delta Ag; Central Kwik Shop; and Dowless Carpet," Weathers said. "If anyone is interested in sponsoring or helping in any way we want them to feel welcome. This is not about any individual. It is something we want to do for Buffalo Island. We want to help families with travel expenses to and from hospitals or food when they have long stays in the hospital with their ill children. This is all about helping the children."

The first fundraiser will be held Oct. 22 with delivery or pick-up of Boston butts on Oct. 23. They will be taking orders until Oct. 22. For more information or to place an order persons can call Weathers at 926-3402; Rodney Jackson at 974-0402; or Leland Dowless at 275-5606.

The group plans on having at least two fund raisers a year. They want to be a part of all towns on Buffalo Island including Caraway, Manila, Monette, Black Oak, Lake City and Leachville.

They have a perfect place to set up and grill and cook at the Poor Boys Garden, the name for Weathers gardening/greenhouse area just out from Caraway.

"We have the Angel Fund Grill and if we get more orders, we have several smaller grills available to us," Weathers said. "We will take orders and cook until we get it all done. Anyone who can pick up their orders on Oct. 23 will be helpful but we will deliver where we need to. If anyone wants to join us they are more than welcome to come out and volunteer.

"We have done this several times over the last two years and if we have missed anyone in the past it was just because we did not know of them. I think it will be good to organize and then we will have more eyes and ears out there to let us know when and where the needs are. When parents have sick children they should not have to worry about filling their car up or having to do without food during long stays in the hospital."

Weathers said there are many people involved in the project.

"We have a lot of volunteers and we have a lot of people who give," he said. "One or two people couldn't possibly do it. We also appreciate everyone who orders the Boston butts. It takes all of us working together."

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