Caraway survivors recognized at Caraway senior center

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Caraway Senior Center recognized 13 cancer survivors on Tuesday, Oct. 12, during the center's Cancer Awareness Month festivities.

Cancer survivors recognized during Cancer Awareness Month. (Town Crier photo/Nan Snider)_

"We are so proud of these people," Site Manager Cleffie Gipson said. "They have been an inspiration to all of us. This has been a wonderful battle that they have fought and won."

Honorees each shared their personal survivor experiences and the years since they were first diagnosed with cancer. Those present included Michael Sullivan, 20, cancer diagnosed in 2007; Lindsey Sullivan, 23, diagnosed in 2010; James Williams, 76, diagnosed in 2002; Marvin Browning, 59, diagnosed in 2008; Geneva Mangrum, 78, in diagnosed in 1984; Joe South, 69, diagnosed in 2004; George Gibson, 73, diagnosed in 2000; Karen Story, 59, diagnosed in 1991; Lloyd Rea, 69, diagnosed in 2003; Teresa Gipson, 50, diagnosed in 2008, Glenna Brickell, 70 diagnosed in 2008; Ruth Rhodes, 84, diagnosed in 1980; and Fay Taylor, 80, diagnosed in 1995.

The cancer survivors told the visitors at the center to never give up and to take one day at a time. They were quick to praise God for his healing hands and for helping them deal with the treatments and healing process. They told of the value of friends and family to lean on.

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