Manila teacher receives Economic Arkansas Grant

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Manila High School economic students in LeAnn Helms' classroom will be going beyond the textbook as they utilize a grant received from Economics Arkansas.

Manila teacher LeAnn Helms receives Economics Arkansas grant.

Helms applied for and received a $750 grant to create a classroom market.

The lessons will begin next semester as students learn real life skills. Resources are provided through Economics Arkansas to help students receive hands-on skills they need to succeed.

"It will be like a live game of Monopoly using classroom money," Helms said. "Students will be able to rent desks, apply for jobs, receive a weekly allowance, shop in the school store, and invest their funds in the stock market or bonds, and much more."

The grant will be paying for the resources in the school store. The stores will be operated by students who have applied and received the positions.

The students will learn about supply and demand.

Each week they will travel to four countries and operate bead factories learning about four different economic areas including command economy, traditional economy, market economy and mixed economy.

"We live in a mixed economy and students will learn the difference," she said. "It will be a good learning experience for them and is in the frameworks of economics."

Real life economics teaches students to invest in their human capital, opening opportunities to the American dream; decision making skills and the costs associated with each decision; financial skills to better manage their resources in the future; and about the global market and their future roles as producers and consumers.

Ms. Helms is excited about getting started on the new project and expressed her gratitude for the grant opportunity through Economics Arkansas.

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