Manila City Council approves ordinances

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Manila City Council passed several resolutions and an ordinance at the regular meeting Monday, Sept. 20. The resolutions and ordinance were part of the grant process for several projects underway.

Following approval of the minutes and review of the budget comparison, three resolutions and an ordinance were approved in the grant process to help fund generators for the water and sewer department.

Mayor Clifford Veach thanked the council for their approval commenting the city is now in compliance with all federal laws and guidelines.

A resolution was passed unanimously for a grant to help pay a portion of a new fire truck in the amount not to exceed $50,000.

"It was $100,000 when we started but when it came down it is $50,000," Mayor Veach said.

"We appreciate what we can get," Councilman Donnie Wagner said.

Mayor Veach updated the council on the Airport Center grant.

"We have been approved but it is just a slow process," Veach said.

Donna Jackson with the Depot Committee presented a resolution asking the council to adopt the resolution as part of the plan in the process to have the city of Manila become a Preserve America Community.

"Once we get the status, it should be easier for us to apply for and be approved for available grants," Jackson said.

She expressed her appreciation for the council's support in the having Manila named a Preserve America Community.

Mayor Veach said he received a letter from FEMA stating the flood plain ordinance passed by the city is satisfactory and meets regulations.

Veach reported to council members the Costner Sewer Project is completed.

He had talked with the engineers, and opening bids for the public works headquarters project may be extended until next week.

"It may require a special meeting," Mayor Veach said. "I will let you know."

Veach said Manila School Superintendent Pam Castor visited with him suggesting a traffic plan for the school. It was suggested making the Davis Street from Parker Street to East Olympia one way from 7-8:30 a.m. and 2-3:30 p.m.

Police Chief Jackie Hill, school board member, said Parker Street to East Olympia Street from 7-8:30 a.m. and 2-3:30 p.m.

Wagner said he would not mind the change for a couple of weeks but thought it is premature to make permanent.

Councilman Larry "Whiz" Davis said the traffic is getting better all the time.

"At 20 minutes after 3:00 there was not a car in the parking lot today," Davis said.

"I am afraid if we pass this, it will clog it up again," Councilman LeRoy Douglas said.

Hill said once the construction trailers and equipment are out of the parking lot people will be able to start parking across from the elementary school.

"I think we should table this for more study," Councilman Douglas said.

Councilwoman Geraldine Cherry asked if there was anything the city could do to make the street (Davis Street) safer.

"It is so narrow," Cherry said. "It is not wide enough. Could we not put in culverts and fill in some of the ditches? The street keeps going off in the ditch. It is dangerous."

Mayor Veach said the ditches are there for drainage and keep water off the school property.

Councilwoman Linda Donovan asked about the property on Clarence Street.

City Attorney Wayne Wagner said at the council's request he and Chief Hill have been working on it since April. He said the property has been deeded to the city and it is up to the council if they want it filed.

The council voted unanimously to have the deed filed.

Councilman Davis asked about a resolution adopting the wording "In God We Trust" displayed.

He would like to see it displayed in the chambers.

"I am ready to show where we stand," Davis said.

"If you feel strongly for it, like I do, you can pass a resolution," Wagner said.

Wagner said he can draw up a resolution to bring before the council.

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