Mustang Club hosts family and fan night

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Buffalo Island Central Mustang Club hosted the third annual family and fan night with a cookout at the Monette City Park.

BIC Athletes enjoy cookout hosted by Mustang Club. (Town Crier photos/Revis Blaylock)

Players, cheerleaders, family members and fans were invited.

The new mascot, Big MAC, the Mustang, was introduced to the group.

Girls basketball coach and athletic director Stan Fowler thanked the Mustang Club for the work they do, the players and the fans.

BIC coaches check the grills at the Mustang family cook-out.

"We have a great support here at BIC," Coach Fowler said. "We are having the Boston butt sale to benefit the athletic program. Tee shirt orders are being taken and we are getting ready for a tournament."

He again expressed his appreciation to the Mustang Club.

"Many schools have individual groups for different teams," he said. "Here we all work well together and everything we raise is spent on all of the kids."

Tracy Routon is taking care of reserved seating at the Mustang Athletic Complex (MAC). Coach Fowler said the blue/gray game will be held Oct. 8 and will be a good time to reserve seats.

Big MAC the Mustang greets fans at the BIC cook-out.

Coach Fowler reported on summer camps attended by the girls teams.

"The senior girls did a great job this summer," he said. "This team has more depth than any time I've ever coached. We are looking forward to an exciting year."

Other BIC coaches are Garett Eoff, head boys coach, Cary Cossey, assistant girls and golf coach, and Marty Williford, assistant boys coach and softball coach. Blake Davis, athletic trainer, was introduced to the group.

Coach Eoff is in his second year at BIC. He expressed his appreciation to the Mustang Club, also.

"The kids attended summer camps," he said. "The senior boys attended six camps and played over 40 games this summer and I commend them. The junior boys attended four camps playing 20-22 games doing a good job. Every player improved. We also played baseball this summer in a Babe Ruth league."

Dr. Kima Stewart, cheerleading coach, introduced the new mascot, Big MAC, the Mustang.

"The cheerleading program has grown," she said. The first of last year we had six senior high cheerleders. This year we have 12 senior high and 15 junior high cheerleaders, along with Big MAC (Drake Pipkins). We are ready for the year."

She received a cheer when she said, "Isn't it great to be a Mustang."

The Mustang Madness basketball kickoff will be held Oct. 8 with a blue/gray game at the BIC gymnasium in Leachville in the morning; 1 p.m. at the MAC on the Monette campus; and the evening games at 5:30 p.m. at the MAC.

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