Southworth supports backpack back to school program

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

As one of the largest employers in the Manila area, Southworth has a desire to be a good civic minded corporation that gives back to the community. Out of this desire to do good things in the community, Southworth International Group decided that its charitable work would be targeted toward children and youth. With that in mind, the Backpack Back to School Program began.

Members of Southworth's Community Involvement Team presented a check for the Southworth Products Backpack Back to School Program. Pictured are Michael Tomblin, Gail Walker, Shelly Barley of Southworth and Elementary Principal Diane Baugher and Superintendent Pam Castor.

The Culture Group of Southworth Products formed a Community Involvement Team consisting of Shelly Barley, Joy Harrison, Andy Nettles, Mike Tomblin and Gail Walker. After a few phone calls, it was discovered that there was indeed a need Southworth could meet right here in the Manila School District.

Shelly contacted Vicki Master who, along with others, works on the backpack program at First Baptist Church in Manila. Vicki shared with Shelly how the program at the church started and the fact this year more backpacks were needed.

Armed with this information, The Community Involvement Team decided the Southworth Products Backpack Back to School Program met the criteria it was looking for in a project to give back to the community while still remaining focused on children and youth. A check was presented to Manila Public Schools in the amount of $1,300 to purchase 50 backpacks and plenty of supplies for each of those backpacks for needy children in the Manila School District.

"Southworth Products is very excited to think about what a difference it can make in the lives of these children who will receive these backpacks filled with school supplies allowing them to begin their school year with the tools they need to start or continue their path toward higher education."

Accepting the check on Wednesday were Diane Baugher, elementary principal, and Pam Castor, superintendent.

"The kids will be very excited," Bauger said.

Superintendent Castor thanked Southworth for their generous donation and their commitment to the youth of Manila.

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