Caraway asphalt work completed

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Caraway City Council discussed city property repairs, purchases and projects at the meeting held Thursday evening. The council reviewed and approved the city's financial report.

"We approved a bid of $14,000 for our recent asphalting," Mayor Barry Riley said. "We agreed at the last meeting to spend additional money to pave the parking lots across the south side of the city hall complex, including the library. It cost an additional $500 but it was well worth it. It looks very professional."

Mayor Riley complimented the Buffalo Island Classic Cruisers for the outstanding antique car show held at Caraway last month.

"They drew a lot of people to come out and see the cars," Riley said. "Plus they left the property very clean afterwards. We always look forward to them coming back."

Riley read a thank you note form the Caraway First Baptist Church for the city's help in closing main street one day for a block party.

The council passed a resolution agreeing to take part in the promoting patriotism campaign by displaying the national motto "In God We Trust" at city hall.

"The organization's mission is to have 'In God We Trust' permanently and prominently displayed in every city hall all across America," Riley said.

"We got turned down for our grant to replace the city hall roof," Riley said. "I went back on line and found another 45/55 split grant for us to do the work. Our part will be $16,000. This roof leaks in several places and needs to be replaced from one end to the other, plus putting in gutters."

"It is time we did something," Councilman Marvin Browning said.

The council voted to set back $16,000 out of the Factory Maintenance Account to put a new metal roof on the City Hall Complex after the grant is obtained.

"This can be done any time of the year," Jerry Murphy said.

"I am looking for a police car now, to replace the 2000 model we have," Riley said. "It is too good to let go, but the air conditioner needs to be fixed. We will need it back in operation when Justin (Faulkner) goes to the academy."

"You need to call around and see if a mechanic knows what is wrong and take it to the most reasonable place," Alderman Roger Williams said.

"If it is within reason, just get it fixed," Alderman Mark Bell said.

The council voted to raise the part time policeman salary to $8 per hour, starting Aug. 13.

"This is a good price to pay for what we get from them," Williams said.

Browning reported that six or seven globe lights are missing around town. They are listed to cost $14 each. The council approved the replacement of the globes.

City Night Out will be held at the city park beginning at 6 p.m. Sept. 21. Free food, games and entertainment will be provided.

Councilman Williams complimented the work done by Morgan and Kenton Hill in painting the ballpark. The City Park Commission sponsored the project.

The next regular council meeting will be at 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 9, at city hall.

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