Newspaper makes full circle

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A copy of the Town Crier newspaper dated Wednesday, April 17, 1985, made its way back to the Crier's office last week.

A Town Crier dated Wednesday, April 17, 1985, was discovered in a piano in Mammoth Spring and mailed back to the Town Crier office in Manila.

The newspaper was mailed to the Town Crier from Boyd Estes of Mammoth Spring, a former Manila/Lost Cane area resident.

Estes said it was ironic that this particular newspaper turned up. He was at a senior citizen center and an old piano was being given away. The two men moving the piano opened the top and there was the Town Crier tucked away inside. The address was a little faded but it looked like it was mailed to Mrs. Robert Becker.

Estes said he and his sister had been talking about Manila and William Borowsky just two days before and there on the front page was the announcement of Mr. Borowsky's death.

"Treva was recalling the time when she was parking at the end of Tiger Levine's store, owned by Mr. Borowsky, when the car jumped the curve and hit the store," Estes said. "Lee Baker, the local law officer, came and after talking to Mr. Borowsky they decided not to give her a ticket. We drove that car with the hood tied down for quite a while."

Other stories in the 1985 Town Crier included MCCC Board meeting held in Leachville; robbery suspects apprehended on two counts of kidnapping and aggravated robbery in the April 6 robbery of Fay Harrell of the Macey Community near Monette; Buffalo Island Central Board opening bids for new construction with Superintendent Devane Baldridge and Board member Bob Blankenship.

Among the advertisements was the Melody Theater showing "Turk 182."

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