Manila Council hears progress report

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Manila Mayor Clifford Veach gave a report on the progress of the Costner Sewer project, street paving, and other upcoming projects at the July 19 meeting.

Manila City Council members Donnie Wagner and Linda Donovan look over plans for the new utility headquarters building.

The sewer project is about 60 percent complete. The project is being funded partially through a grant.

Henry Ford, utility superintendent, said the work should be done in a week to 10 days if everything stays on track.

Mayor Veach said he and Ford met with the engineers on the plans for the headquarters building to be located on the south side of the fire station.

"We will send the plans to Rural Development for review and final approval," Mayor Veach said.

Council members reviewed the plans. Mayor Veach said he hopes to have the bid out by the next meeting.

"With any luck maybe work can start in September," Veach said.

Mayor Veach reported the street paving was finished with a total cost of $60,000.

"The general fund loaned the street department $40,000 for the project," Veach said.

He explained the street department had $20,000 and it would need to pay back the general fund next year.

"They did an excellent job," Mayor Veach said.

Council member LeRoy Douglas agreed the work he saw looked good. Paving included the Wise Addition, a short area in the Hitchcock addition, the south end of Teal Point, Springer Street, Chipman Lane, Olympia Place and Amber Lane.

"It looks good and the work is done and paid for," Veach said.

Mayor Veach said he had filled out paperwork for the Airport Center AC and Heating project and forms for the water-sewer generator grant project.

"It is part of the grant process," Veach said.

The council went into a short executive session to discuss fire department personnel.

Mayor Veach said the fire department management recommended that Richard Stafford be terminated from the fire department.

"The Fire chief and members recommended it so I don't think we have any alternative Douglas said. "I would like to see him be able to reapply for position after a period of time."

Douglas made the motion and it passed unanimously. Other council members present were Geraldine Cherry, Linda Donovan, and Donnie Wagner.

Mayor Veach said a lot had been done on the grant application for the fire truck. The estimated cost will be $300,000 with 35 percent of it paid for by a grant and $195,000 from the city.

"It will have a lot of equipment the fire department needs," Veach said.

Donovan expressed her appreciation for the reports from the fire department.

Councilman Donovan suggested to the council and City Attorney Wayne Wagner that a lien be placed on the property the city has been cleaning up.

Mayor Veach said the city has not received any reimbursement for the clean-up.

"If we place a lien on the property, they will know we are serious about clean-up," Donovan said.

Wagner complimented the fire department and the police department for doing a good job.

"There was a recent wreck and our chief of police and another person picked up a vehicle off a child," Wagner said. "I think we expect it and sometimes forget to say thank you.

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