Manila fireman color code hydrants

Thursday, July 15, 2010
Members of the Manila Fire Department have been testing the fire hydrants throughout town and giving them a fresh coat of paint. Pictured are George Starkey and Cory Newcomb painting the hydrant on Dunkin Street.

Manila Fire Chief Keith Bennett and other members of the Manila Fire Department have been working on testing, inspecting, and color code painting all of the fire hydrants.

Chief Bennett said the hydrants are color coded by water flow. Manila has a total of 134 hydrants. The solid red hydrants have a water flow of 0-499 gallons per minute. The red/orange hydrants flow from 500-999 gallons per minute. The red/green color indicates hydrants with a flow of 1,000 to 1,499 gallons and the red/blue have 1,500 and above.

It took three 16 hour days to get all of the hydrants painted.

"Color coding the fire hydrants adds points to the ISO ratings and meets the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) guidelines," Chief Bennett said. "Fire hydrants have to be inspected every six months and tested every five years. Maintenance is done on the results of the six month inspections."

Chief Bennett stressed the importance of making sure all of the hydrants are in good working order. He has updated a map for the fire station.

"I appreciate the patience of the citizens while we have been working on the hydrants," Chief Bennett said. "We will be working on more projects in the future progressing toward improving the town's ISO rating. When the ISO rating is lower, homeowner insurance premiums may go down for homeowners."

Firemen assisting with the hydrant project included Captain Chris Crook, George Starkey, Cory Newcomb, Dallas Woods, Kenny Rowan, Ron Amick, and Coy Jackson.

Bennett was pleased with the results of the hydrant inspection showing 99 percent of the hydrants in good working order.

Results of the inspections are turned over to the city and any problems are corrected.

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