Manila hosts nutrition and wellness courses

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mary Smith, family and consumer sciences (FACS) instructor at Manila High School, hosted a nutrition and wellness training seminar at Manila High School for teachers from across the state.

Mary Smith, Manila High School FACS instructor, hosts the Nutrition and Wellness workshop for teachers from across the state.

Mrs. Smith and Stephanie Ramsey, from Vilonia High School, were among the instructors who prepared the nutrition and wellness curriculum content frameworks to be taught. FACS teachers train before teaching the course to their high school students.

The nutrition and wellness course enables students to analyze the interaction of nutrition, foods, and fitness for over wellness of individuals and families throughout the lifespan.

In this course students will develop nutrition and fitness habits to make wise decisions regarding healthy living and prevention of disease through these practices, Mrs. Smith said.

As active learners, students develop higher order thinking skills and academic skills in the areas of math, science, language arts and social studies through the evaluation of relevant nutrition and wellness information.

This course is recommended for all students regardless of their career cluster or pathway, in order to build basic nutrition and wellness knowledge and skills and is especially appropriate for students with interest in human services, wellness/fitness, health, or food and nutrition-related career pathways.

Last year the training courses were held in Little Rock. Smith and Ramsey have served as instructors for these enrichment courses.

"It was good to hold the training in Northeast Arkansas this year," Smith said.

The course was taught by Suzanne Jones from the FACS State Office.

On Monday, teachers attended a one day retraining session. The four day seminar started Tuesday.

Demonstrations included using a wok, juicer, food dehydrator, smoothie maker and a rotisserie.

Teachers attending included Mikelyn Bixler from Marshall High School, Connie Curry from Gravette High School, Paula Curry from Greenland High School, Sherrye Futterer from Dardanelle High School, Valerie Growns from Ola High School, Amber Hairston from Monticello High School, Nichole Mannion from Gravette High School, Lisa Miller from McCrory High School, Staci Lynne Swan from Alpena High School, and Toya White from Marion High School. Also attending was Suellen Ward, program manager with FACS State Office.

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