Leachville ANC hosts graduation

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Arkansas Northeastern College hosted its first graduation and student recognition ceremony at the Melody Theater for the Adult Education students in Leachville. The event was held at 7 p.m. Thursday.

Myrna Adams offers congratulations to graduates as she presents their diplomas. (photos provided)

Individuals who had completed the requirements for the General Education Development (GED) received their Arkansas high school diplomas.

Myrna Adams was the featured speaker for the ceremony. She not only congratulated the students on their completion, she also challenged them to continue to pursue additional education. Adams also presented the graduates their diplomas.

Since July 2009 to June 2010, 35 students have earned their Arkansas high school diplomas from the ANC Leachville Center, a new record for that center. Also recognized were several students in the computer literacy class.

Additional speakers at the graduation were Tabitha Lindsey, one of this year's graduates. She commented even though she is enrolled to start college this fall, having earned her diploma she now has choices about jobs that were not available to her before in the workforce.

"I no longer have to settle for a job, I now have new choices available to me, since earning my high school equivalency," Lindsey said.

Paula Bowen also addressed the graduates and the audience about how Mrs. Cooley and Ms. Butts helped prepare her to attend college even though she is "old".

Even though this was the first ceremony for the Leachville Center, it is also the beginning of a new tradition. It was exciting to see such participation and community support for the graduates and the program.

Also on the program was Mary Dement, vice president for instruction for ANC. She introduced Mrs. Adams and also reminisced about coming to the Melody Theater with her brother who ran the projection system.

Sherri Bennett, vice president for advancement, presented closing remarks for the ceremony, informing students ANC has many programs providing financial assistance for students wanting to go on to college.

The ANC Adult Education Program received a great deal of support from the community. The city of Leachville provided the location the Melody Theater for the event. The local PEO chapter hosted the reception for the graduates, providing punch and homemade cookies.

Over the past year the ANC Adult Education Program in Leachville has served over 180 students. While one of the main focuses for the Center is to help individuals earn their high school equivalency, it provides many other services as well. The program helps students gain computer literacy, learn to speak English more proficiently, prepare for college entrance exams, prepare for the workforce by improving job skills, and help parents refresh on basic skills to help their children with homework.

The ANC Leachville location also hosts college level courses in the evening during the fall and spring semesters.

Adult Educations classes will began Monday Aug. 23, at the Leachville Center. For more information persons can call 539-2393.

ANC offers the adult GED classes in Leachville free to the students. Students under the age of 18 must meet the Arkansas law requirements.

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