Manila projects underway

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Several projects partially funded through grants, mid-year bonuses, and street paving were discussed at the Manila City Council regular meeting on June 21.

Manila Mayor Clifford Veach said he had received official approval of the grant for the Costner sewer project. He said a pre-construction conference should be held next week and hopefully the work could begin as soon as July.

Mayor Veach said he had called the project coordinator asking about the city's part of cost for the project.

"When we started we thought our part would be $20,000 and then it went up to $30,000," Veach said. "Since we got such a low bid, $97,000, I asked the coordinator if we could go back to our original $20,000. She said she would check into it."

Veach said the public works headquarters building project should be ready to advertise for bids later in the week.

"I hope to start some time in July, maybe August," he said. "I am anxious to see how it works. We are on the way."

The city received a grant to help with the cost of the new building.

Mayor Veach announced it looked favorable for a $90,000 grant to help purchase generators for the city's water-sewer system.

The council passed three resolutions in conjunction with the grant.

"I am going to Little Rock on Friday and I will check on it," Mayor Veach said. "This will be good for our water department."

The council discussed street paving and accepted the low bid from Williams Asphalt Co.

The council gave Mayor Veach the approval to spend up to $50,000 for street paving.

Mayor Veach updated the council on the airport runway widening project.

"Phase I is almost complete and then Phase II, resurfacing, will be started." Veach said.

He later announced he had received word the airport had been approved for a $43,000 FFA grant for a lighting survey design only. The council voted 6-0 to accept the grant.

The city received a grant for a new heating/air conditioning at the Airport Center.

"We got approved for $38,333 and we had $10,000 so that gives us $48,333 to go with the project," Veach said.

He said it also looked good for a $100,000 grant to help purchase a new fire truck.

The council had no objections to Mayor Veach purchasing two CDs, $100,000 for the general fund and $35,000 for the swimming pool account.

"The swimming pool fund is growing," he said. "It has over $250,000.

The council voted unanimously to give mid-year bonuses to employees in the same amount as last year, $2,000 for department heads and $1,700 for full time employees. Part-time employees received 5 percent of their annual salary.

The council approved a lump sum sewer expansion payment in the amount of $200,000 if approved. The council agreed it would be good to pay it off early if possible.

The council discussed helping with the cost of three flag poles, installations and lights at the new fire station.

"It is not my idea (the fire chief requested it), but I think it is a good idea," Mayor Veach said.

The estimated cost for the poles and installation was $3,829 and the lights run $400 to $500 each.

"Fire Chief Keith Bennett said if we buy the big pole, they will reimburse us for the two smaller ones before the year is out," Mayor Veach said.

Councilman LeRoy Douglas made the motion to spend up to $5,100, including the lights, for the project. The council voted unanimously to place the flag poles at the fire station.

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