Veterans remembered

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Monette American Legion Post 136 hosted a Memorial Day tribute to veterans on Sunday at the Monette Cemetery.

Jerry Reed directs a prayer for veterans and their families, past and present, during Memorial Day sevices.

Legion member Jerry Reed welcomed the veterans and their families. He placed an American flag in the soil, signifying the beginning of the special tribute.

The Color Guard participants included Post Commander Larry Rolland carrying the U.S. Flag and Bob George carrying the Veterans of Foreign Wars flag. Dick Pace and Mike Ashley served as arms bearers.

The Honor Guard fired three volleys to honor the veterans, alive and deceased. The Honor Guard consisted of Robin Ashley- Sgt of Arms Larry Rolland, Bill Craig, Oscar Redding, Mike Ashley, Jerry Tipton, Robert Chambers, Dick Pace. Taps was played following the salute.

Monette American Legion Post 136 held a Memorial Day tribute to veterans on Sunday. The Legion placed flags at several Monette locations and at Monette and Macey cemeteries. Pictured are, from left: Front -- Earl Towell, Jerry Reed, Dick Pace, Bob George, Bob Blankenship, John P. Masner, Bob Hout. Back -- Marie George, Robert Chambers, Janet Rolland, Larry Rolland, Robin Ashley, Jerry Tipton, Bill Craig, Johnny Parrish, Mike Ashley, and Oscar Redding.

Reed led the group in a special prayer for the men and women who have served and are now serve in the military.

Marie George led the group in singing "Amazing Grace."

Chaplain Robert Chambers read Exodus 12:14 from the Bible, which stated "And this day shall be unto you for a memorial."

"The scriptures were referring to the safety of Israel, and about gratitude to God," Chambers said. "They were called upon to remember they had been delivered, and that is what we are doing here today. We have come to remember.

"It is a patriots duty to keep a nation free and strong. The veterans we honor today have done that with their lives. As we visit this gravesite, may we never forget what they have done to keep us free. We remember and honor the past, the present, and the future soldiers."

Janet Rolland gave a Monette Cemetery report. Deb Whited, Johnny Parrish, and Rolland serve on the Monette Cemetery Board and manage the upkeep and care of the cemetery. Shirley Bronaugh retired this month after serving on the committee for 51 years, and was unable to attend the memorial services.

"We depend upon donations, and sales of burial plots to maintain the cemetery," Rolland said. " It costs us about $15,000 a year to keep up the cemetery. We depend on sales of lots and donations to pay the cost of upkeep."

A special offering was taken for the cemetery at the close of the meeting.

Monette American Legion Post members placed USA flags along main street, at the intersection of Highways 18 and 139, and at the Monette Cemetery, on Saturday, May 29. Veterans placing flags included Robert Chambers, Dicki Pace, Bob George, Bill Craig, Robin Ashley, Larry Rolland, Jerry Tipton, Bob Wilbourn, Janet Rolland, Marie George, and Mack Bounds.

Veterans placed flags at the Macey Cemeteries on Sunday morning, May 30. These veterans included Tink Wimberley, Kevin Wimberley, Tommy Swetnam and Randy Honey.

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