Manila Booster Club honors junior high athletes

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Manila Booster Club hosted the junior high athletic banquet on Thursday, May 27, at the school cafeteria.

Manila eighth grade 3.0 Club.

Big Butts of Leachville catered a fish/chicken dinner for the athletes and guests.

Mitzi Adcock welcomed everyone the event. Cheerleaders, basketball players and football players were recognized.

Coach Mike Bridges, athletic director, presented the 3.0 Club, athletes who participated in the sports programs and maintained a 3.0 grade point average.

Manila ninth grade 3.0 Club.

Members of the 3.0 Club are:

Ninth grade -- Taylor Bishop, Dylan Bogle, Nicholas Carmichael, Will Croquart, JR Dehart, Morgan Earnest, Cori Matthews, Macey Parker, Zach Reinhart, Chris Seals, Tyler Ritsmon, Clayton Skelton, Dustin Sirmon, Geramie Stallings, Chase Thrasher, Trey Walker, Shelby Wallace, Chris Way, Landon Woody, Dylan Wicoff.

Eighth grade -- Kirsten Adcock, Scott Eubanks, Jordan Goff, Sam Hubbard, Kaitlyn Parker, Tanner Platz, Chase Stiles, Taylor Teague, Bailey Towell, Kelsen Watkins.

Manila freshman 3.0 Club.

Seventh grade -- Justice Aguilar, Whitney Bunch, Joey Croquart, Thomas Davis, Hunter Dodd, Seth Grissom, Heather Hollis, Abbie Jolliff, Kyle Joyner, Ashley Lee, Dillon May, Brooke Miles, Caleb Milligan, Gage Owen, Gaven Parker, Christie Pennington, Alice Perez, Erica Petty, Will Pruitt, Caleb Reinhart, Dalton Rush, Kailen Shelton, Jacob Shumate, Alldonn Skelton, Taylen Smith, Parker Stallings, Nicholas Stiles, Mackenzie Tate, Landon Thomas.

Coach Bridges and cheer coach Tammi Scott recognized the cheerleaders and presented each with a certificate.

Manila junior high basketball award winners Dustin Sirmon, Dylan Bogle, Zach Reinhart, Kyle Joyner. Not pictured is Tanner Platz.

Cheerleaders for the 2009-10 year are:

Ninth grade -- Lauren Allensworth, Lexie Allensworth, Danielle Lancaster, Cori Matthews, Macey Parker.

Manila junior high basketball team.

Eighth grade -- Courtney Brymer, Kaitlyn Parker, Kelsen Watkins.

Seventh grade -- Whitney Bunch, Abbie Jolliff, Brooke Miles, Taylen Smith.

Manila junior girls basketball coach Jeff Priest recognized the junior high and seventh grade girls basketball teams.

"They are a dedicated group of kids," he said. "The players make my job easy. They are hard working players."

Manila junior cheerleaders.

Coach Priest said they finished the year with a 12-8 record. He has been here three years and said his first year they won two games, last year they won three games and this year they had a great season.

Members of the junior high basketball team are:

Ninth grade -- Taylor Bishop, Morgan Earnest, Shelby Wallace, Kristen Wise.

Manila junior high football award winners Zach Reinhart, Chad Lisk, Chase Thrasher, Dylan Bogle. Not pictured is Clayton Skelton.

Eighth grade -- Kirsten Adcock, Deven Burrow, Charlie Smith, Taylor Teague, Bailey Towell.

Seven grade -- Justice Aguilar, Heather Hollis, Kailen Shelton, Mackenzie Tate.

Members of the seventh grade basketball team are Justice Aguilar, Heather Hollis, Ashley Lee, Christie Pennington, Alice Perez, Erica Petty, Kailen Shelton and Mackenzie Tate.

Manila junior high football team.

Individual Awards were presented to:

Best Offense and Best Free Throw percentage -- Taylor Teague.

Best Defense -- Kristen Wise.

Outstanding Rebounder -- Shelby Wallace.

Manila junior high basketball award winners, Shelby Wallace, Kristen Wise, Deven Burrow, Kailen Shelton, Taylor Teague.

Most Improved -- Kailen Shelton.

Most 3's -- Deven Burrow.

Coach John Deaton coaches the junior high boys basketball team. He expressed his appreciation to the coaching staff and others for their help throughout the year.

Manila Lady Lions Junior high basketball team.

Members of the junior high team are:

Ninth grade -- Dylan Bogle, Korey Cain, Zach Reinhart, Dustin Sirmon, Colbey Williams.

Eighth grade -- Scott Eubanks, Jordan Goff, Jay Kulin, Tanner Platz, Zac Wells, Kyler Williams.

Seventh grade -- Thomas Davis, Kyle Joyner, Caleb Milligan, Gavin Parker, Caleb Reinhart, Jacob Shumate, Alldonn Skelton.

Individual awards:

Zach Reinhart, baseball Rookie of the Year.

Most Rebounds, Best Free Throw percentage, Defensive Award -- Dylan Bogle.

Manila seventh grade baskeball team.

Hustle -- Zach Reinhart.

Most Improved -- Dustin Sirmon.

Most Assists -- Tanner Platz.

Most Steals -- Kyle Joyner.

Coach Bill Taylor introduced his seventh grade team.

"They have been a great group to work with," Coach Taylor said. "They only lost four games."

He said they have speed and they can score.

Manila seventh grade football team.

Members of the seventh grade team are Thomas Davis, Seth Grissom, Kyle Joyner, Caleb Milligan, Gavin Parker, Will Pruitt, Caleb Reinhart, Jacob Shumate, Aldonn Skelton, Parker Stallings, and Landon Thomas.

Coach Jason Durham introduced the junior high and seventh grade football team. Coach Durham has coached the junior high for three years. He will be leaving at the end of the school year to coach at Nettleton.

Coach Durham shared some of his special memories and highlights of key games over the years.

Junior high sportsmanship award winners are Taylor Teague and Chad Lisk.

Members of the football team are:

Ninth grade -- Dylan Bogle, Nick Carmichael, Will Croquart, Tyler Lewis, Chad Lisk, Zach Reinhart, Tyler Ritsmon, Clayton Skelton, Geramie Stallings, Chase Thrasher, Nick Vancely, Trey Walker, Chris Way, Dylan Wicoff, Colbey Williams, Landon Woody.

Eighth grade -- Brian Adams, Dylan Brooks, Ben Bunn, Jacob Cates, Jordan Goff, Hunter Holt, Sam Hubbard, Jay Kulin, Wells Pack, Hunter Scott, Chase Stiles, Zac Wells, Kyler Williams.

Seventh grade -- Tyler Barley, Joey Croquart, Thomas Davis, Hunter Dodd, Seth Grissom, Kyle Joyner, Dillon May, Caleb Milligan, Gage Owen, Gavin Parker, Caleb Reinhart, Dalton Rush, Chase Sharp, Jacob Shumate, Alldonn Skelton, Nicholas Stiles, Devin Wells.

Individual football awards:

Outstanding Offensive Back -- Dylan Bogle.

Outstanding Offensive Lineman and Head Hunter -- Chad Lisk.

Outstanding Defensive Back -- Zack Reinhart.

Outstanding Defensive Lineman -- Clayton Skelton.

Outstanding Special Teams Player -- Chase Thrasher.

The 2009-10 Sportsmanship Award went to Taylor Teague, junior high girl; and Chad Lisk, junior high boy.

Coach Steven Milligan presented Zach Reinhart with the Rookie of the Year baseball award.

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