Caraway Council OKs PD purchase

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Caraway City Council met Thursday, May 17, and worked through a short agenda consisting of controllers for weather sirens, and a safety cage for the police car.

Tornado warning siren activation was discussed.

Police Chief Pete Hicks requested two radio controllers so weather sirens could be activated remotely. The estimated cost is $1,400.

Mayor Barry Riley agreed to research the cost of battery packs for the controllers.

Chief Hicks reported the new police car had arrived. A wire safety cage is needed in one car and striping details are needed for the new car. The cage is estimated at $400 and the striping at $325. The council discussed whether to purchase the cage or do the striping first, if a choice has to be made on expenditures.

"We have some costs coming up," Riley said. "The courts are going to redo the docket system and we will have to get a new computer and a fax. The new grants will be coming out in June.

"The striping would not be important to your safety, but the cage would be," said Alderman Marvin Browning.

"You might look at magnetic striping," said Alderman Mark Bell.

"Those are low profile," said Browning.

The council voted to purchase a safety cage for the 2008 Dodge police car and wait on the striping of the new vehicle.

Riley reported the paperwork had never been sent in to add fireman Brian Crews to the Arkansas Local Police and Fire Retirement program.

"Brian has been with the department for two years and eight months," Riley said. "I think we should buy his time and bring him up to date with LOPFI."

The council voted to pay the $1,305.52 necessary to add Crews to the LOPFI program. Fire Chief Bo James abstained from voting.

"Are you still taking bids on streets?" Browning asked.

"Yes," said Riley. "We have one but are waiting on two more so we can have at least three."

Browning also reported limbs at the city park that needed trimming, as large limbs have fallen. City workers will look into removing limbs.

Jerry Vaughn requested that the pothole on Illinois Street needs to be graded, as there is an upcoming revival set for Wednesday through Sunday of next week.

Street light globes were reported out on Main Street.

Mayor Riley expressed his appreciation for the Riverside High School freshmen painting the brick wall on the east side of the new city gazebo.

"The building looks so nice now and will be even better when we are able to complete it." Riley said. "Those students worked very hard. It takes a lot of paint to do a big job like that in a day and a lot of effort. The bricks are rough to paint on and we will hire someone to finish up the top part with a paint sprayer."

Riley also commended Water Superintendent Terry Couch for being named Arkansas Waste Water Works and Water Environmental Association Manager of the year.

"We are very proud of Terry," Riley said. "He got called out for 26 hours the other night. He does an excellent job."

"I was not out there by myself," Couch said. "We have a committed team of workers."

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be 6 p.m. June 10 at city hall.

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