Farmers Maket razed

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monette Fire Department responded to a fire at Farmers Market Monday evening, May 3, shortly after 8 p.m. The fire was first discovered in the office space above the meat department and quickly burned through the northwest section of the roof.

Monette Farmers Market was a complete loss after a fire Monday evening. Town Crier photo/Nan Snider)

Robert Clayton, Brice Smithee and Moniqua Holden were the evening employees on duty at the time.

"I saw a flicker of flame through the window of the upstairs room," Jennifer Woods said. "I ran up front and told Robert (Clayton). A.J. (Borden), my mother Kim (Woods) and our three children were in there shopping."

Firemen fight the flames at Monette Farmers Market on Monday evening. (courtesy photo/Larry Towell)

"Brice and I went upstairs," Clayton said. "When we opened the door we were thrown back by the flames that had already engulfed the room. I called the police department, then the fire department, then our manager Buford (Hufford), while the customers were being evacuated from the building. Emerson Ambulance was the first to arrive and within 10 minutes the fire department was on the scene. I was concerned about the propane gas canisters at the east side and back of the building, and we were able to move them a safe distance away before the fire reached them."

Area firefighters from Caraway, Black Oak, Lake City, Leachville and Manila joined Monette all worked to contain the fire. (courtesy photo/Larry Towell)

Caraway, Black Oak, Manila, Lake City and Leachville Fire Departments responded to the fire. The building was declared a total loss.

"The whole town has turned out to help us," Hufford said. "I can't say enough for the firemen and how hard they have worked to contain the fire. At this time we don't know exactly what caused the accident, but we are just thankful that no one was hurt."

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