Lake City Council gets information on pursuing a one cent sales tax

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Following the approval of the March minutes and financial report, Lake City Mayor Billy Anderson opened the floor to the old business of adding a one cent sales tax at the council meeting held Monday, April 19.

Mayor Anderson introduced Ryan Bowman with Friday Law Firm who explained the process of getting a one cent sales tax on the general election ballot in November.

Bowman said the city could delegate one half cent for street repairs; one fourth cent for water and one fourth cent for sewer.

A question and answer session was held with residents voicing their opinion of appropriated funds to be spent on street repair not equipment.

To proceed with the sales tax, Bowman advised the city council that a Sales Tax Ordinance should be adopted no later than July or August to have the sales tax issue on the ballot in November.

Council members present included Brenda Hutcheson, Harold Barker, Tommy Eakins, Ann Davis, Jeffrey Wisham and Jon Milligan. Also present was Linda Simpson, city clerk.

Clerk Simpson read Ordinance No. 243-10, an ordinance for the purpose of adopting the National Electric Code, including any and all future amendments and or editions which may follow. Council members approved the ordinance unanimously.

Mayor Anderson introduced Rodger Davis who spoke on a zoning issue on property he owns. He wishes to build apartments. Davis purchased a parcel of land that was zoned R-3, the present Planning and Zoning map errantly shows this property as R-3/R-1. During research, Mr. Davis produced documents which proved the property to be R-3 which is zoned for apartments.

Mayor Anderson said they (Planning & Zoning) are aware the map has errors and must be corrected.

Mr. Davis requested the council to certify his survey as R-3 for future reference. His request was granted.

After a discussion between the Mayor, City Council, Mr. Davis, and residents of James Street addition, it was agreed to keep an open line of communication between all parties.

In other business:

*Council accepted the lighting bid for the Beautification Grant on Cobean Boulevard. Bid was presented by Andy Ritsman for a total of $24,700.

*The Council accepted the lower bid for paving on Cobean Boulevard at $30,070 from Atlas Asphalt.

*Police Chief Winred Saffell addressed the council with a request for the purchase of a video camera for his police car. Chief Saffell's car is the only one not equipped with a camera. Council approved the purchase of a video camera for $5,301.85 with a two year warranty.

*Mayor Anderson introduced Wes Wagner. Wagner, candidate for District 76 State Representative, gave a brief statement.

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