Caraway City Council passes resolutions

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Caraway City Council met March 11 and worked through a short agenda consisting of the passage of six city resolutions and receipt of a Fire Department grant.

Resolution #2010-5 was read and accepted to apply for a grant from the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.

Resolution #2010-6 was approved to comply with Ensure Fair Housing Practices.

The council approved Resolution 2010-7 to authorize Mayor Barry Riley to submit a Disaster Relief Project application.

Resolution #2010-8 was passed to approve the Policy Prohibiting Excessive Force Against Individuals Engaged in Civil Right's Demonstrations by Caraway law enforcement agencies.

The council passed Residential Anti-Displacement Plan #2010-9, and Resolution #2010-10 to allow the mayor and city clerk to administer the grant if received.

Mayor Riley announced the receipt of a $2,500 grant for the Caraway Fire Department. The application for the grant was submitted in early 2009, by Fire Chief Bo James, following the ice storm.

Mayor Barry Riley reported Jerry Grant had signed a contract with the city to mow and take care of the city cemetery.

The council voted to continue with the grant for a new police car.

A special account will be opened at the Heritage Bank for the police car grant money.

The names of former Caraway Mayor Joe South and alderman Roger Williams will be removed from the checking account for the National Night Out Fund at Heritage Bank, and the names of Marcia Stevens, Pete Hicks and Mayor Barry Riley will be added.

Mayor Riley informed the council that Cummings Chip and Seal had bid $17,560 to resurface sections of Dallas, Waco, Tucker, San Francisco, Kelly and areas on South New York Streets. The cost did not include gravel that the city would provide for the project. Two more bids on the work will be collected before the decision is made for completion.

Several events were announced by Mayor Riley. These included Masonic Lodge pancake breakfast on April 10; City Clean Sweep pickup on April 12; car show at the city park on April 24; City Fishing Rodeo on May 1; Senior Adult Fishing Day on May 3; and National Night Out on Aug. 3.

Alderman Roger Williams commented on the success of the Caraway Ambulance Auction on April 3.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be 6 p.m. Thursday, May 13, at City Hall.

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