Monette Masons installed

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
Pictured are, from left: Robin Ashley, Tom Carroll, Bill Hetler, Tommy Dunigan, Bear Harrell, Clyde Watson, Jim Fraser, Gene Gathright, and Larry Bibb. (photo provided)

Monette Masonic Lodge 558 elected officers for the coming year last month. The new lodge officers wore lambskin aprons denoting their new positions of leadership, as they took their oath of office. Officers include Clyde Watson-Worshipful Master; Tom Carroll-Senior Warden; Bear Harrell-Junior Warden; Robin Ashley-treasurer; Larry Bibb-secretary; Bill Hetler-Senior Deacon; Tommy Dunigan-Junior Deacon; Gene Gathright-chapleon; Jim Fraser-Tyler; and M.C. Danels and Eddie Dunigan- master of ceremonies.

Freemasonry is one of the world's oldest fraternal societies concerned with teaching moral and spiritual values. The Monette Lodge was organized Nov. 19, 1902, and has been housed in many buildings before constructing a new lodge on Highway 139, north of town.

Only three lodges remain on Buffalo Island today. These include Monette, Manila and Caraway. The oldest Masonic Lodge on Buffalo Island was located in Lake City and organized in 1883. The Lake City Lodge moved its charter to Caraway Lodge last year.

As Masons members are taught the importance of charity in their lives. Freemasonry stands for a deep and abiding concern for the needs of others. The Masonic fraternity is well known for their enormous charitable contributions throughout the world, and they stress community concern and leadership.

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