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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Buffalo Island Central West second grade classes, under the direction of teachers Terri Cobb and Regina Welch, have collected several hundred items to be sent to the children in Haiti.

Buffalo Island Central second grade students offer a helping hand as they collected dolls, stuffed animals and blankets for children in Haiti. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

The "Have a Heart" help Haiti project started after the students had read "The Quilt Story."

The story was about a special quilt that made the little girl feel better when she was ill or faced a problem in life.

After completing the story, each student told what has made them feel better. The answers were mostly a special doll, stuffed animal or a blanket.

The students decided to collect these items and send them to the children in Haiti who had suffered such a tragic earthquake.

They stated collecting the items and will continue to collect them through Feb. 5. They are also selling hearts for 25 cents each and taking donations to help with the postage.

They have been in contact with a missionary through the Church of Christ sponsored orphanage in Haiti and will send the items there to be distributed among the children.

Both Ms. Cobb and Ms. Welch expressed their appreciation to everyone who has helped with the project and their pride in their children for taking on the project and seeing it through to help the Haiti children.

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