Woman arrested in Manila

Thursday, January 21, 2010

According to officers with the Second Judicial District Drug Task Force, Missisippi County Unit, Celeta Cagle, 32, of Luxora, was arrested in Manila on Tuesday, Jan. 12. The suspect was charged with possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine); possession of drug paraphernalia; and second degree criminal impersonation.

During the investigation it was discovered the suspect had a prior drug related arrest and had an active warrant out from Marmaduke.

According to Manila Chief of Police Jackie Hill, Sergeant Delbert Carter with the Manila Police Department received a call about a suspicious vehicle (a green Tahoe) parked at Dollar General with individuals walking, one at a time, to the drug store next door.

Manila officer Jared Camp then arrived on the scene. The officers made contact with a female sitting in the front passenger seat. She told them Christy Cagle was inside Dollar General and "PeeWee" (later identified as Patrick Ramieriz) had walked over to the drug store.

Sgt. Carter spotted Ramieriz walking back from the drug store carrying a Dollar General bag and a drug store bag. Ramieriz told Sgt. Carter he just bought Sudafed. Sgt. Carter then walked Ramieriz over to a Mississippi County Sheriff's deputy who had arrived on the scene.

Sgt. Carter then went into Dollar General. He was told Ramierz purchased a pack of lithium batteries.

Sgt. Carter made contact with Cagle. Sgt. Carter noticed what he believed to be blood on the webbing between Cagle's thumb and finger on her right hand.

The suspect denied having any Sudafed on her but Carter noticed a piece of a box in Cagle's waistline. He retrieved the box and placed Cagle in custody.

The female inside the Tahoe was identified as Talina Jones.

The three were transported to the Manila Police Department. While at the Police Department, Cagle's purse was checked. Officers discovered a syringe containing a reddish liquid that appeared to be blood, several alcohol swabs, and a green medication bottle containing a clear liquid and a small ball of cotton.

The liquid was field tested with a positive result for methamphetamine. Cagle was then transported to the Sheriff's Department.

Cagle appeared Wednesday in District Court where a cash bond was set for $100,000.

Manila Chief Hill commended Sgt. Carter for a good job.

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