Monette Council addresses waterworks, equipment

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Monette city council worked through a short agenda before dismissing for the annual employee Christmas luncheon at the council meeting Friday, Dec. 11.

Marilyn Kountz, with the U. S. Census Bureau, addressed the council concerning the importance of obtaining an accurate account of city residents during the 2010 census.

Mayor Chub Qualls reported the generator had been installed at the water plant and the aerator is now working. Manual transfer equipment has been installed as well. Tornado sirens are being mounted on poles by Craighead Electric. The city has three remaining poles, with plans to purchase two additional ones for lighting purposes.

City Engineer Wayne Menley is working to get an automated skimmer for the city's use.

Qualls reported the chipper would arrive next Wednesday or Thursday. Improvements at the landfill will be made and gravel will be placed at the back. Consideration will be given to the addition of a new gate.

"We need a gate to keep people out because we can't police everything," Alderman Bob Blankenship said. "Hopefully the county can put in a ditch to keep the water off of the landfill when work is done."

The 2010 city budget was reviewed and approved. Plans to apply for a $100,000 grant for work at the tennis court, concession stand, and other park work were discussed.

The council discussed the potential ban on Sudafed sales. Attorney Johnny Dunigan will be consulted. The decision was tabled until the next regularly scheduled meeting on Jan. 25.

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