Keeping the water flowing

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
The Corps of Engineers at work near Mallard Lake.

Workers with the Corps of Engineers recently brought in equipment to clean up debris under a floodway bridge near the pumping station north of Mallard Lake.

John Lomax has worked for Drainage District 17 for 19 years. He takes care of the maintenance and the running of the pumping station.

Lomax had been keeping an eye on the debris build up coming from the north and stopping the waterflow under the bridge. He contacted the Corp of Engineers and equipment and operators arrived to take care of the problem.

Lomax said the amphibious track hoe can float in four to eight feet of water. The workers did a great job and had the debris cleaned and the water flowing in four days.

"It looks good and it will be helpful to the boaters," Lomax said. "If it had not been cleaned it would have gotten worse with the debris and sand. The crew did a good job."

Lomax has lived all of his life in the area and loves fishing. In the winter he is a commercial fisherman and knows the area well.

He maintains the pumping station. It is set up to take water off the crop land. The station has the capacity to pump one million gallons of water per hour.

Lomax said this year and last year have been heavy years for the station. The water is pulled off land from Gosnell and north and through the Floodway Ditches.

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